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  • Sinatra.SUN -

    We are a small guild, and the most active siege guild based on wins/member.
    We play for hellgates and the sieges, and while we do lose once in a while when testing out new strats or being outgeared by more than one tier then we win quite a lot while still working on improving every day.
    We are around 20 players of which 12 are serious pvpers, and we need 2-3
    More to ensure we can allways field 2 strong teams.
    We have t7 crafting stations in sterling, and currently 3 outland zones allthough that changes fast as we cant defend what we win, and for example we have 4 sieges tonight which is hard with 2 teams :).

    We are euro based and need a strong pvper, so let us know if thats you.

    /Frank. Ingame: franksinatra