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    Hello Typhoon,

    I'm looking for a guilld during the release and I think The Lone Gunmen could be interesting me :-).
    So, here is a quickly presentation:

    My adventure in albion online started the last year (may/june).
    I played while 1 month as a healer T5 (Holy Staff + Light armors). By the way, I created a guild for discover the different mechanics of Albion, accompanied to 5 players.
    I almost fly over all aspects of the game, except pvp/gvg (Cause time ...)

    I didn't wish to re-start a new character after the reroll, nevertheless I check the different news/update and youtube help me to stay informed.

    By habit, I choose my class in terms of teammate needs. But I think play dagger class (if no need).

    Concerning my experience in games (mmo). I played for 10 years to many mmo, mainly Ragnarok Online :).
    , Dragonica, HeroOfStorm/LeagueOfLegends, FFXIV, LegendOfEdda ...

    About me, I'm 26 years and I live near to Paris, so you'll understand my bad recital.
    In the life, I work currently in a french bank as such a junior software developper (CRM/Dev Web).

    I'll be a casual player but strongly invested during my few connections (2/4 hours by day), because
    I like the competition :).

    I am aware that my english is addle, mostly orally.
    And my "quality of communicant" in real life will serve no purpose because my english is not fluent.
    But this does not prevent me to be able of "understanding and executing strategies". and do effort for improve me.

    Why do I postulate at The Lone Gunmen?
    - Little community
    - Guild skilled ? ([...]Dota 2: ~5k ratings --> 98th percentile, nearly semi-professional)
    - Casual Guild
    - Time Zone

    Why do i choose an english speaking guild ?
    - Research new mentalities
    - Improve my english
    - Say "fuck" instead of "putain"

    Hoping to make me understand !

    Best regards,

    • Typhoon -

      Hey there,

      I understood you perfectly.

      I'm happy to see that you are interested in our guild.

      You can improve your english but at the same time, we all speak french fluently as we are of luxembourgish origin. So "putain" is a word we also use in our language :) I got the joke though!

      What you have to know is that most of us don't have a lot of experience in Albion Online, but I think we will adapt fast enough.

      I will contact you before the launch if you are still interested by then, to share our starting strategy and procedure :).

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

      You should continue this conversations over the conversation tab, not on my wall!

      Kind regards,