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  • Jonny_Ego -

    Hi sky tea, I would love to join as a farmer of crafter. How do I apply?

  • King_Kane -

    Hey Skytea, just applied

  • Stormlord -

    No one says hello anymore :( - Hello Skytea i hope you have a awsome beta <3 :)

  • Soa -

    you can recrute me for beta 2

  • Ronin -

    Why you all in my profile son

  • Dworf -

    yo pm me dude :)

  • Rydel_Sleak -

    Recruit me Spam, spam recruit, recruit meh, I like men.

  • agonyclutch -

    Hey skytea lets talk, add me in game agonyclutch

  • Rook -

    dis guy nub

  • Scamnicitus -

    SKYTEA FROM UO? Was this ur name on UO? If so we used to destroy people together. -_- it has to be, who else uses that name both ways. Contact me man

    • Skytea -

      no sorry didn't play UO, must be me from another life then haven't heard anyone else used skytea before.

    • Scamnicitus -

      just weird, because there was a skytea and teasky on my server -_-

  • Snowman -

    This is my wall now, and you can't do anything about it.

  • Fenrir -

    Remember remember.

  • Latif -

    Skytea can you reinvite me when i get on

  • scooby -

    What up skytea? Looking forward to logging in tomorrow AM for some Albion Fun-

  • Antidote -

    So I tried to create a character with the name "Skytea" as a joke to see if your name was available turns out its not!??!!?!??!?!?!?!!

  • EMP -

    This guy awesome

  • StormShooter -


  • Dreamusic -

    Hey Skytea. Looks like you've got a great thing going. Congratulations (I know great guilds take time, effort, and energy!) Just wanted to say hi personally. Hope to be joining you at some point. All the best.

  • Guruputra -

    hey, Just applied. Is there separate guild forums? let me know

  • DancinHero -

    Hello i would like to apply for Vendetta, where should i apply?

    • Khor -

      Don't you mean "kuwhere" sho~ ah nevermind that doesnt work at all.

    • DancinHero -

      -_- Duuuuuuuuuude xD

  • StormShooter -


  • Rook -

    .89 what kind of hax

  • Kun -

    Poke Poke :3 Check forum apllication bro :)

  • LocoFiber -

    poke poke :P

  • Skytea -

    Welcome to my profile stalkers

  • Rook -


  • Rook -