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  • Legion -

    Not sure if you can help w mod status or not but im founder from Alpha. Havnt played for almost 2 years. Long story short cant remember pw for my email account tied to my AO account. Hoping to be able to change my AO primary email account. Can provide any info in detail. Member of the long since disbanded Genesis Guild and have ran across several Devs and Bercilak in the past. Just hoping to have this resolved so I can start playing again asap :) I can also speak w several other founders to vouch I am the real Legion. Whatever it takes. I just want to play again and keep my founders status in tact

  • yogafire -

    By chance do you play Aardwolf? There is someone on there with the same name.

    • Endymion -

      No I don't. Endymion a greek character, so it's pretty common.

  • Valmous -

    Endymion it's me DominusMace? You wanna co gather again lol I'm bored. Just waiting for this wipe right now.

    • Endymion -

      Haha... Lol. I feel ya. I won't be home until 03:30 UTC. If you're on we can hang then.

    • Valmous -

      I have to go to sleep soon sorry :( I have school! Catcha next time.