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    You alive?

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    I'd like one pepperoni ripperoni pizza pls

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      I prefer Doombunny!

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    My nickname is Lifeas. I'm looking for PvP guild to start CB. Due to my work i can only play 7am to 1pm Tuesday to Sunday and i got monday whole day free :D. I can provide about 40+ hours a week. Im reliable person and i know what is dedication to guild or to goal. I used to be Hardcore WoW and LoL player. In WoW i run RBG teams to 2.6k+ season after season. I know how to be captain of squad. Im looking to be Healer/CC in Albion. And i hoping to find people to play at time i can play together as 5 man squad to farm in red zones. I'm relly riable person i hope you answer me.

    Thank you for your attention, pease bro and sorry for posting

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    Here is a video of me PVPing in your guild youtube.com/watch?v=6z2k5mbf4FA

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    Yo Teasky in the last testing of Albion Online my buddy Zarf got me into Vendetta guild for the end of the release. I created a guild application to join for beta. I have a guild in Shroud of the Avatar with a handful of PVP'rs what are the chances we can join Vendetta for beta? Here is my guild website we have 20 members. chaoscrossroads.com we are 100% PVP please let me know!!

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      Add skytea and rook into a forum conversation.

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    Hey teasky (same as Skytea?). Just introducing myself, as I hope to end up with Vendetta, and thought I should get to know the guys ;) All the best.

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    Tea who you yeah bunny scotch me! :D

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    Whats up? 'Sneaking in my recruitment-thread? Don't worry - 'cause in january we'll just have our first appearance - anyway don't get too close. See ya.

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      I can't speak german lol Looks nice though.

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      I thought so :) - and thx

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    I heard you can conjure pizzas out of thin air is dis tru????

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      pepperoni with mushrooms pls

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    Hey can u check out my application to join V ?

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    whats the teamspeak server info

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