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  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord!

  • Tyronne -

    EOS #1

  • EdenG -

    Hello, I have a problem, 30 m I bought the founder package to play with a friend, and when I try to open the game does not open the launcher

  • Arivae -

    hi limelight what are u doing i have been gone long time ? are u playing the game?

    • Limelight -

      Yes i am

    • Jaden -

      yes sir!

  • QueenVirgo -

    you comin' back mane?

  • steviebone -

    I need help here plz

  • Anonymous -

    Miss you boo

  • gurgo -

    Limelight's middle name is Tia

  • The_Rat -

    is CnD still recruiting?

  • Dundun -

    hi lime how r u

  • npig -


  • Jahias -

    Hes just a bunch of 1s and 0s, move along people.

  • WolfGrrr -

    Hey Beepboopimbob is Shorty from Black Cocks new account. Do with that info what you will.

  • DancinHero -

    hello sir, i would like to talk to u about something quite important, if u can, tho i cannot start a convo with u because u have a full convo list so.

  • Rook -

    teachme how to #1

    • Limelight -

      Pride , Lots of Pride

  • Lord_Ganondor -

    your shite mate

  • Jahias -


  • Knightmare_ -

    I was in GRIEF with you whats your new TS PM me and how do i apply in game?

    • Limelight -

      whisper me in game

    • Knightmare_ -

      I tried your never online haha

  • whitewitch -

    Me and my PVP guild are currently testing SOTA pre alpha and the PVP community won't fight with us anymore because we wreck them so hard. I showed my boys Albion Online and they all signed up. We all are very active I play 10 hours per day. I currently have ultima online account, runes of magic, dark age of Camelot and I always play a mage. We are all teamspeak active and looking for a hardcore PVP guild.

    • Limelight -

      im keen

    • whitewitch -

      Great! Here is a list of my PVP team starting.
      Whiskiz ironscrotum
      Blake Blackstone
      I'll pm you in game for guild invite and thanks!

  • whitewitch -

    Yo Limelite I remember your from last test. Can you help me and a few of my PVP friends get into a large hardcore PVP guild for beta?

    • Limelight -

      were you sydney?

    • whitewitch -

      I am Las Vegas USA my first mate is Aussie he a crazy PK

  • Meurto -

    You guys still recruiting and what what sort of numbers do you have in NA?

  • Gambol -

    Hey good luck with the beta man!, cya tomorrow probably. :)

  • TheRealZeus -

    whatsup fam

    • Limelight -

      oi we aint fam no more

  • Atokad -

    Hello their, im Atokad (real names Dakota) iv been following Albion for several years now but have remained mostly quiet on the forums. As we grow closer towards the closed beta its about time I start finding somewhere to call home and I hope your guild will accept me that is if you will have me so here goes :). A little about myself, I am a VERY active classic mmoer, iv delved quite far into runescape, ultima, wow, EQ...mostly the old stuff because thats where i believe mmos belong in terms of how they are made and how mechanics should work. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty for the cause and loyalty of whats required of me and if ultima taught me anything, its that loseing gear in pvp just means to learn from your mistakes and keep going. I plan on wanting to be a provider for the guild that accepts me. farming/crafting will be my number 1 position in the world of Albion and if you take me will always have the sharpest sword and the fastest horse, and when called apon I will throw down the pitchfork and take up my staff/spellbook and plate armor (the build i run). now i did get in with genesis a while back but the guild simply died off so i decided to leave it for the better. a more personal reason of wanting to join is I cant stand dworf...and i feel with C&D i can really make "bikemanning" him worth it. please give me consideration and feel free to ask me anything and thanks for your time...and for what its worth...Limelight#1 (ps) I did try to send you a conversation but your maxed out. lemme know :)

  • Lifeas -

    My nickname is Lifeas. I'm looking for PvP guild to start CB. Due to my work i can only play 7am to 1pm Tuesday to Sunday and i got monday whole day free :D. I can provide about 40+ hours a week. Im reliable person and i know what is dedication to guild or to goal. I used to be Hardcore WoW and LoL player. In WoW i run RBG teams to 2.6k+ season after season. I know how to be captain of squad. Im looking to be Healer/CC in Albion. And i hoping to find people to play at time i can play together as 5 man squad to farm in red zones. I'm relly riable person i hope you answer me.

    Thank you for your attention, pease bro and sorry for posting to wall

  • BeenJamminMon -

    C&D still active for the 23rd?! I myself RUSH will be here if you guys would like me around for another round of a beta! Excited to play with you all again :)

  • WackoKnight -

    Hi there! I noticed you’re interested in a casual guild. I’d recommend checking out The Corporation. It is a guild which definitely supports casual players!…roducing-The-Corporation/

  • Eonwe -

    hi friend, hit me on up on Steam one of these days

    • Limelight -

      roger need to wait till i moved my computer into my new place

  • Mickey. -

    Hey mate seen your post's in Grief, and that your active. im hoping to join an aussie Guild, i been told grief disbanded, any help joining a guild would be awesome!

    • Limelight -

      Yeah mate chuck a app on Cloak & Dagger :)

    • Limelight -

      Im banned at the moment but yeah accepted

  • Teemo -

    some light guy just entered our FB group, it was you?