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  • King_Kane -

    Been a crazy day BLTS I'll get on discord soon for interview. Hopefully tomorrow

  • King_Kane -

    Hey man just applied let me know

  • Narrrow -

    Hey Blts i have been trying to apply for Vendetta for a while now but I haven't been able to. I was wondering if I could join the guild! I can gather t6 hide and am full t5 armor and wep. And im currently in WelcomingShadows.

    IGN: Narrrow

  • agonyclutch -

    Blts I work 6am est to 2pm est so best way to contact me is through here at those hours, I filled a app out to join the guild. When your ready for the interview hit me up. In game name is frostbite now

  • HiveMinder -

    Hey, I filled an application for your guild and heard you're a recruiter. I can craft all t6 plate, t6 hammers, and mine t6 ore. I'm sure I can be of use :) I primarily mine and craft.

  • Chaosthry -

    Hi Blts, SkyTea told me to contact you about being let back into the guild. I explained my inactivity situation to him and he told me he understood and to talk to you about it. I haven't been able to be on much the past week or so due to work and other personal responsibilities. Please let me know when a good time would be to talk to you about this.



  • GrimmLord -

    hey i wanted to ask if u already went thru my application i didnt get any notifications yet woud be nice to know if u just forgot me or still havent gone thru

  • Raytonssoul -

    Got room still in yalls guild?

  • Bogs -

    Hey BLTS can you send me infos plx

  • Rook -


  • Soa -

    i have finished in forum

  • Soa -

    and now you can recrute me?

  • Scythian -

    Everyone hates tomato's btw.

  • Ronin -

    Sup cutie

  • Scythian -

    Sheeple... lol

  • Zetecua -

    Welcome to Albion Online!