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  • Vocandin -

    Hello, I'm interested in doing the runs you posted about, message me in game "Vocandin"

  • ironzep -

    Interested in joining Vendetta, could you link me to a referral thread or someone to talk to in game?

  • Rook -

    ur sig made me chuckle :DD

    • Bogul -

      ? :]

  • Dreamusic -

    Hey Bogul. Just introducing myself, as I hope to end up with Vendetta, and thought I should get to know the guys ;) All the best.

  • Azulai -

    Hi, How can to contact with you to speak privately?

    • Bogul -

      you can try sending me a PM

    • Azulai -

      I got no idea how to send a PM here, I feel beyond stupid right now.

    • Bogul -


  • Pagodin -

    Hey, i dont think the devs like people saying they will give you the gold for a referral

    • Bogul -

      They closed my thread on the trade forums for that reason.