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  • Stormlord -

    Just sussing you out for saya's thing - ill be on my way ;) - have a awesome release o/

  • icarusFM -

    you're the most active person i have found are u an employe?
    Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord!

  • Zulfure -

    Hi. I have a problem. buy the basic account yesterday and was not given 30 days premium . I can not buy the island. please help.

  • Ana -

    WOW ZARFY! NO WAY! Ure mod omggggg im so happy for u! Yay! Congrats :)

  • Jameshelper -

    Thanks for all you do tho make the world of Albion so much fun and a great game:)

  • Zetecua -

    Its good to see you on the forums! :) Hope to see you in-game this summer!

  • Rook -

    1. Become a mod. 2. Mod in favour of Vendetta. 3. Mod against our enemies. 4. ? 5. Profit.

  • Ana -

    Hey Zarfyyyyyy, i deactivated my fb:( so i have no other way to contact u:( pet Oreo for meee

  • Donz -

    dragons, attack, killers, ice freeze attack, attack to pull pure mage, robots and even may have future update rocket the player to build the rocket, to a new world as the moon have materials, rain sun cold, rain snow, ice map ... have key box opener as it has in skyrin, and maybe have better cars clan in the future of Albion, if you want a realistic game has to have a little of each country from China, Japan , Russia, United States, Brazil, Africa, Australia, deserts, you should look at the other games that they do not have what he's good and think like you have good ideas like mine, who knows fantasies of football shirt glasses , boots, sandbag, which has the best games ... shot, robots, fishing, costumes, pets, I think it has a lot to add and shields the ALBION, and the story of the character can change the person arrives in a boat being baby and enters the world of Albion adult a more realistic story perhaps, and have backpack on shore to be realistic, flaming torches, volcano, meteor, trap snow ice lands, so this is hopefully the Albion staff like my tips and good luck. : D

  • Ana -


  • gurgo -

    why are you guildless ?!?

    • Ana -

      Hes too cool to be in guilds :D

  • Ana -

    Weeee ure warmaster! Gratz! :)

  • Bunk -

    Do you know the location of the client download?

  • Khor -

    Happy Anniversary Zarf my gnomey homey <3

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