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  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord!

  • Rhasq -


  • Nokea -

    Your back!!!

    Looking for a responce from the guild site manager for update on my loggin info.

  • Jimmy7 -

    yo shorty

  • whitewitch -

    Shorty was my application approved for guild membership?

  • SethWald -

    Let me join the rank of trolling and PvP. And I will help to bring the tears of salt that flow from the top guilds ;)

  • Revlack -

    it's coming!

  • Tajger -

    Rest in piece Shorty! Though the forum will be more peaceful for 3 days. :D

    • Shorty -

      It will be boring the next 3 days*

  • Shorty -


  • Howser -

    How da fuck did i get here from my notification, who summoned me?!

  • Perttu -

    can i have ur babies

  • BabyDontHurtMe -


  • Eonwe -

    black cocks are good

  • Liracy -

    Aww... I was coming to support your thread and it got smited. ; ;

    • Shorty -

      Free speach for everyone :(

    • Liracy -

      I'm a fan of Black Cocks, not gonna lie. Keep doin'.. all the things you're, uh. Doing.

  • ProtON -

    NO HOMO <3

    • Shorty -

      Nah man its all about that full homo shit love <3

  • rlsquared2 -

    Hello, last alpha my character name was Moncho, I was in Grief. I live in central america so my timezone was very different from Grief. Thinking of joining a group with closer timezone as me. I've played pvp MMO's since late 90s.

    • Limelight -

      We also kicked him for stealing loot

    • Shorty -

      Too bad no one could kick you for stealing gold cuz you was the gm. Now piss off my wall fuck boy.

    • rlsquared2 -

      WOW, limelight! I never had any issues with you but yep now I do. I was never kicked from Grief but you wouldn't know that b/c you stop playing. You are such a dimwit.

  • Tajger -

    Can I join the guild?

    • Shorty -

      Arent you scoitel?

    • Rook -

      i wanna join too

    • Howser -

      Me too...wait im in it.

  • SweetBuns -

    Hey Shorty, I was looking to join a guild for summer alpha but having a hard time getting a hold of anyone. Please let me know if you are still recruiting and the best way to contact, thanks!

  • Abiogenic -


    • Shorty -

      Hello my friend join the teamspeak and lets talk