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  • darksphenix -

    Long time no see boss. Has Log Horizon been disbanded?

    • Ahosus -

      Sadly yes, Swanson tried to make it live once again last time, but it seems that it failed.
      If we end up in the same alliance fell free to ask for party up x)

  • Khaos -

    I am very interessted in a logo/banner as the Log Horizon one - are you able to make them?

    • Ahosus -

      I did make them.

    • Khaos -

      Are you able to make me a logo signature? I have an organization in the making called Atlas eSports. We have a logo already with a dire wolf but we need a banner with maybe ATLAS text and some nice features as you did on Log Horizon.

    • Ahosus -

      I already have a comand ongoing, I'm moving to my new place so it will take at least one week. But send me everything in private message.

    • Khaos -

      Thanks, I will send you what I have and take all the time you need if you decide to make this.

  • Ezper -

    Hey Bro I tried to click on your banner and it takes me to an error page

  • Arimas -


    • Ahosus -

      xD I never saw that one ( lol just saw the tags on your presentation )

  • Zetecua -

    I think you bring fresh ideas to Albion, and I like that. One of your ideas inspired an entry in the World Events Thread. Thank you :)

    • Ahosus -

      Thank you I'm glad you said me that. I love this game so I try to give what I have, hoping that other players will love it too.