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  • Robilar -

    good evening I was wondering if you had anytime to answer a few questions about your guild and community as a whole, I myself am a old school gamer from the pong days. link to my lfg post forum.albiononline.com/index.p…-gamer-looking-for-guild/

    I am curious to know what OTG plans are for the release, are you going all Economy or do you plan on PVPing, This is my first beta, only 15 hours into the game, on advice just got my Island off "fort stir" have been focusing on crafting and gathering and unlocking sets, still a little bit to learn about the destiny board.

    Feel free to read my post and ask me any questions back,

    thanks Robilar

    • Owiko -

      Hey Robilar!

      Always have time for recruiting work! Sorry this took a bit of time - this week has been a bit crazy.

      We are planning a big economy/guild push for live. We'll have some pvp, mostly as guards to the gatherers, and will support an alliance in the black zone. We're going to plan this out over the next couple of months and really dig in. I'm not sure if everyone will be a part of it, but time will tell!

      So, in short, we'll be a bit all over with a focus on PvE/Crafting. Let me know if this answers the questions you had!