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  • Dahamma -

    Hey Barab. I'm with the Old Timers Guild, also a multi-gaming community, consisting of age 25+ gamers (with limited exceptions). I also happen to be an older bearded beer drinker with scars! We are sticking our feelers out to see if we can get a plan in place at launch to get access to the outlands, whatever that may be. We are mainly a gathering/crafting guild but still have a share that like to bash heads from time to time. You look to be in a similar place and I just wanted to get your take on where you are with this and if our plans align with yours. Get at me if you get some time to chat. IGN is Krusher or forums here is fine too.


    • Barab -

      Hey Dahamma, Ive spoke with Nanananabooboo a few months back regarding an alliance. At this point it looks like were going a different route but I will touch base with Nanananabooboo. Nothing but respect for OTG.