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  • Stormlord -

    Holla - something weird = your avatar is a broken link - just a fyi = gg on the guild man <3

    • Vipe -

      Hmm not really sure whats the problem. Im not seeing what your seeing.

    • Stormlord -

      hot damn my bad

  • Zhull -

    In-game Name: taproot
    PvP or PvE: I enjoy both
    Previous AO Experience:i played a little while in the last beta, just a casual player nothing serious because i figured a lot would as the game progressed.
    Hours Per Day:usually 2-4 depending on wife ago =) sometimes more during weekends.
    Closing Statement: I am very interested in joining a nice community, I'm looking for a friend/family bond that i had during my many years of WoW gameplay. people became friends and family that i spent many many wonderful hour and memories with. i am looking for the something here and i hope to find that close group of friends once again.

  • Korpu -

    I would like to join your guild.

    I have experience from first part of beta. I was playing about 3 months in czech guild Czecho (I am from Czech Republic)

    I am 31 years old, I can communicate in english via both TS or chat.

    I look forward to your response ;)


  • Boldar -

    Hey Vipe,

    My name is Boldar. I am from Czech republic. I prefer PvE, but PvP is part of the each game :). I played AO a several months, and i was full T6.3. I will try plaing more than 2 hours per day, but i cant guarantee :).

    i came back with AO after 6 months pause with my friend. We r both Epic Founders.
    Tell a friend, when i write u :).

    We will be glad if we could join to the guild :).

    Bye and good day :),