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  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord! discord.gg/kxfaXBc

  • Blodvaerd -

    You still playing this?

  • HaH Reported -

    feeeed me

  • HaH Reported -

    gimme some trolls need propaganda son

  • Macanica -

    you still playing buddy?

  • Crippy -

    Hey, Whats up Dreadstar. Ive been super busy with work but ive come last minute to find a guild, If you remember well enough i was with you everyday in Kraken Last alpha & i was actually looking for the guild at the moment, care to pick me up? we had a hell of a run last alpha. Glad to have found a familiar player

    • Dreadstar -

      Kraken has disbanded. You can apply to Black Cocks.

  • gurgo -

    what is UP with that cock on your sig ?

  • Kai19103 -

    Dunno how to pm sorry I suck. Add me to the hurt/heal list please.

  • Carl -

    what happend to your privat server? I was gone and now the thread is closed for no reason

    • Dreadstar -

      I guess they didn't like my Rok server that was themed after Albion. Typical based on the past.

    • Carl -

      Well, you advertised it like an Albion server, should contact Bercilak about it, must have been misscommunication. Btw, i guess you copied the wrong url aswell, the link you posted was redirecting to a wrong video.

    • Dreadstar -

      That's cause the video was a joke. It clearly stated in the OP to PM me with a roster for details so I could give the info and whitelist the people. Clearly a lot of people can actually read and follow instructions based on all the people reporting that they've logged into the server. And Bercilak doesn't answer PMs of that sort that's already been clearly established.

    • Carl -

      Maybe i havent seen it, but did you mention that the server is for RoK, maybe you missed that little piece of information. Also the comments and the places that have been mentioned were pretty close to Albion. A newcommer that has no idea that there is no privat server for this game, might have considered that he could play albion. Also one guy said that the devs agree with it, wich was a lie, since the thread got closed. Well... gl hf contacting bercilak about it, i would like to see some privat server for games. Maybe next time put a little bit efford into advertising it right.

    • Dreadstar -

      I never once claimed it was an Albion Online Private Server. I can't help what other trolls post, if I could control them this place would be a lot more entertaining. It was themed toward Albion so yes its going to have mods to simulate as close to Albion as possible. I've already taken out the Albion references on the private server. I was hoping it would drive new people to Albion but if they are going to close my thread about it then not going to put in the effort to help.

  • Formatted -

    Dreadstar, I am ready for my close-up

  • Limelight -

    Rest in peace friend. il see you in the afterlife.

  • Rook -

    What is dead, may never die.

  • Justin -

    Your signature/avatar is all really cool! :D

    • Justin -

      Where did you get it from?

    • Dreadstar -

      That would be Josh

    • Justin -

      Oh! It's pretty neat :)