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  • Catherine -

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  • Specialt87 -

    Shyko, you should consider joining Conflict. Our player base is older/mature. A lot of married people and people with full time jobs. Conflict has been around for all of the Alphas and Betas.. At the end of the last beta we were #1 for kill fame and we also won the end of beta castle event. We ended up killing over 250 players, including those from Red Army, EoS, Tea Party, and various other guilds who teamed up to fight us.

    We take our time to train new people, which other black zone guilds tend not to do.

    Check it out. We have about 150 legendary founders day 1 and will have an additional guild to hold alts and other members coming in day 3. We will also have an alliance with a Tier 1 black zone guild. Your group of 18 would enjoy the benefits of being in the black zone so you can focus on pvp.