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  • Howser -

    Black Cocks is expanding and we need more people from US. We are a small PvP guild thats ranked 4. Give us a note if your interested, got mature players and experience gamers.

    • Parks -

      yes i have myself and 2 other clannies interested in a pvp clan. currently in iron brethern and they are ok all around but not enough pvp as we like.

    • Howser -

      then you know who we are, so it shouldn´t be so hard for you guys to get contact with us. And you will see us in GvG soon or probably have.

    • Howser -

      whats your ingame and friends name?

    • Parks -

      i tried asking your clannies to add me, but they said u never told them anything so idk. they ask for your ingame name. please send the invite to -> parks

    • Howser -


  • darceydad -

    Immortals online are small but quality guild

  • Zetecua -

    Welcome to Albion Online!