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  • Thardracy -

    Welcome to Albion Online, wait, you keep fucking coming back.

    • Zeax -

      Sam and Kaj playing... i'm happy.

    • Thardracy -

      Release date? I will come back only if you decide to run a guild, leave, make another for pro's only then leave that. Gotta promise

  • Ranamoor -

    Hey Zeax... I was in the guild in last Beta, (Rest in Pieces) but now i cant find you on the server... Would love to join you again :)

  • DemiDude -

    I applied for the guild in the recruit tab. When you get a chance please review my application I don't want to apply anywhere else until i get reviewed for Grief , thank you.

  • GuyonTehBronze -

    Yo Zeax, I just applied for the guild on the forums. I would like to know which pack I should buy Legendary or Epic. Money doesnt play a role.

  • Zetecua -

    Welcome to Albion Online!