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  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord!

  • Benseine -

    To Howser, plz check Enjin msg

  • Kyljys -

    moving to sweden for the summer..If i see u walking on the streets of stockholm im gonna fight you

  • Lizzipoos -

    your profile picture is so much cooler than you!

    • Howser -

      Yeah i know but hes my idol so im gonna be cool as him

  • Markuscc -

    Finns det någon svensk guild?

    • Howser -

      Nja dom är här och där men Black Cocks har kanske 5 svenskar och ungefär lika många danskar som finskar. Du kan gå in i våran recruitment thread och ansöka via våran hemsida.

  • Kyljys -

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ HOWSER TA MIN ENERGI ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    • Howser -

      ╰། ◉ ◯ ◉ །╯ GE OSS VÄLFÄRD! ╰། ◉ ◯ ◉ །╯

  • Dworf -

    i been banned for 7days read only, dont worry about me lil howsy, its some of these other wanks that need to be banned.

    • Howser -

      What i meant is that some get banned others dont, some get deleted post but others dont. Its like a favorism if you see with the wrong eyes. But heck i talked about dreadstar and know the deal.

    • Dworf -

      yea i have been 7 day read only banned like 3 times in the past month and a half, yet the likes of Awfulcitizen, Limelight, Dreadstar, Eonwe, Lastgirl, the list goes on, plenty of people who should have been banned yet there still posting shit everyday, the devs have favoritism for certain people. not much we can do though

    • Howser -

      Thats just a blow to the community but eh whatever lets keep going until shit happends :D

  • Chrispy404 -

    Nice Signature, mate

    • Howser -

      Well thank you god sir :D

  • Perttu -

    [W] Autismo points [H] finstack intel

    • Howser -

      Got 911 come get some :D

  • Tajger -

    morning rooster!

    • Howser -

      What!?!?! Morning its a drunk-by-lulaby-goodies-evening :)

  • Zetecua -

    Welcome to Albion Online!

    • Howser -