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  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord! discord.gg/kxfaXBc

  • Looney -

    Hey Empa!!

  • Chamukando123 -

    This may be a dumb question I just bough the founders pack for Albion and I have an nvidia shield k1 but the game ask me for a security code and when I type it in it doesn't do anything it doesn't even show like I type it anybody had this problem?

  • Zyzz -

    Is this Empa from Darkfall pirates? If so its BraP eXile ;b

  • Exire -

    Hello Empa,

    Firstly I would like to apologize if this is not the right place for me to be writing this but I was wondering if there was a way to implement moving around the ability buttons to custom locations? I ask this because I'm a physically disabled gamer and I'm only able to left and right click using a special mouse called the jouse2 which doesn't allow any special type of programmable keys. At the moment I have been getting by just clicking my abilities however the distance from targeting and moving my mouse to the right side takes a little time making a not very viable. I understand it's not a viable thing for the masses and by no means expect any change I'm just curious if it would be easy to implement and if so if it could be an option that could be turned on in the game settings. Thank you for your time and great game so far and some people might flame me for this but I really hope that the click to move/attack remains as an option for those who want it.


  • Macanica -

    Hey Empa thought I'd ask you for a mini game feature when crafting.

    A lot of our guild is tired of staring at green bars for hours on end. If we could get a little mini game to play which also makes the quality of the item better that would be cool. Crafting is just so dull and boring right now especially with the fame require. No one wants to craft anymore. Our crafter actually quit playing yesterday said it wasn't enjoyable anymore. Please help!

  • Agonyecstacy -

    Empa; What is your opinion on this

    Crafting Stations having a WORK ORDER section same as like the auction house feature but the person is giving someone else the chance to craft the item for their progress but the person dropping off the work order gets the items back after collecting it.

    • Empa -

      Sweet QoL feature. we got a big load of them on our to do list ;)

  • Ridjim -

    hey i boughd the the epic pack 2 days ago, and im very impressed by the game. its a rly fun game and i love the farming iv seen some people complaining about the farming that things need to spawn faster etc. i experienced this aswell but as soon as i go further away from population i get alot of loot, so please dont change to much about the game im happy and thankfull about how the game is atm, just a little scared that this great game gets ruined by dungeon finder, portals, insane fast spawn rates crossrealms, etc .please keep up the good work and keep the farm and traveling aspect in the game:P. /salute great job

    • Empa -


      Glad you like the game, I'll do my best to improve it.

  • Derrick -

    nvm got it sorted

  • Agonyecstacy -

    Game is looking great, look forward to next week.

    • Empa -

      Thanks buddy! Really looking forward to seeing you guys play!

  • EMP -

    You must be my long lost brother!

    • Empa -

      You owe me so many birthday presents

    • EMP -

      Yes i do brother, yes i do

  • Whated -

    Coffee + Snus = The imba Combo

    • Empa -

      Coffee + Vinebröd = OP

    • Whated -

      Coffee + Vanilla Ice cream with chocolate crisps = OP

  • ImknotArobot -

    Games, Coffee, Drinking coffee while gaming. <----- seems logical to me

  • hajee -

    "Please ignore forum trolls " very classy empa!

    • Bonsai -

      They're detrimental toward the community, and the game as a whole from the pov of new comers. Freedom of speech should never be removed on a forum, but obvious malcontent and a pessimistic attitude should be dealt with accordingly.

  • Libra -

    Hi Empa! I don't really know much about you yet aside from the "Game Designer" tag. I just wanted to introduce myself on your wall. I hope you have a good day and hopefully I see you around the forums! :D

  • VirgoSlave -

    *spawns a rabbit*

  • AMALPI -

    Hi please give same answer about how to attak guld teritory???

  • Famine -

    Will I be able to attack helpless farmers farms on a daily basis?

    • Empa -

      Hahaha classic!

    • Empa -

      There are Farm territories guilds can fight over. I'm sure you'll do plenty of farmer slaughtering there.;)

  • Hoppla -

    how will you take care of the still unfixed update client problem since 2 alphas if you dont support the browser version any more

    • Empa -

      Report your problem in the bug forum forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Board/6-Bugs/

    • Hoppla -

      check the chat and log file /screen shot i send from two alpha ago. Same error (client version ...) happen last alpha again once an update was required. Only if a new client was uploaded every other patch i could use it else i had unfortunaly to use the browser version the last 2 alpha tests. iam working in IT business and playing online games for more then 20years...i didnt test it on my 3 other pc - but my most uptodate gaming pc had the same problem both alpha test. i might find the screen shots again..but not sure if i kept them

  • leyok -

    men albion online already to download ?

  • Donz -

    dragons, attack, killers, ice freeze attack, attack to pull pure mage, robots and even may have future update rocket the player to build the rocket, to a new world as the moon have materials, rain sun cold, rain snow, ice map ... have key box opener as it has in skyrin, and maybe have better cars clan in the future of Albion, if you want a realistic game has to have a little of each country from China, Japan , Russia, United States, Brazil, Africa, Australia, deserts, you should look at the other games that they do not have what he's good and think like you have good ideas like mine, who knows fantasies of football shirt glasses , boots, sandbag, which has the best games ... shot, robots, fishing, costumes, pets, I think it has a lot to add and shields the ALBION, and the story of the character can change the person arrives in a boat being baby and enters the world of Albion adult a more realistic story perhaps, and have backpack on shore to be realistic, flaming torches, volcano, meteor, trap snow ice lands, so this is hopefully the Albion staff like my tips and good luck. : D

  • DeathLord -

    how do i start the game???? thers no play button nothing i have an account just dont know how to create my character

    • HaH Reported -

      Server is down until may/june

  • bboy247 -


  • bboy247 -

    when does this come out?

    • HaH Reported -

      Full launch is at the end of 2015

  • anafiel -

    warum funktioniert bei mir der web player nicht. ist das ein allgemeines problem?

    • Empa -

      I'm sorry I do not speak german, the web player should work tho? Try posting on the bug forum

  • Maddmister -

    one more thing hate to beat a dead horse but about those legendary items....i have the mail but when i open them up there is nothing there. really sucks bad doing runs on a horse

  • Maddmister -

    i have built several novice shops but how do you make them grow

    • Empa -

      On the crafting interface there should be a cogwheel at the top left of the UI, Click on that and then go into the "upgrade" tab :)

    • Maddmister -

      ahhh that i might have missed

  • KStaar -

    Hello, I was just wondering if Albion Online is playable from Australia, as I'm really interested in buying one of the supporting packs tommorow. Thanks in advanced!

    • Empa -

      Yeah that should work :)

  • Fenrir -

    Who are those who you follow? Devs?

    • Empa -


    • Fenrir -

      Oh, come on.

    • Empa -

      Back in the olden days i was a tester for Albion Online, they were my guild members

    • Fenrir -

      Oh, cool.Hope we will see them playing again.

    • Empa -

      they are mostly busy being busy