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    Hi Kutweer, please help, my internet is not great so fps very poor. I am looking for a good well armoured build that will give me time to react in chests, gvg and open world pvp. Normally run in small groups never solo. I have tried almost every weapon and armour but always die because I am reacting so slow due to bad lag. Its not about making the kill for me just tired of aways dying first...lol
    Any suggestion would help. So summarising a dps type of tank that can take a few a knocks from more than one opponent, maybe even disrupt them long enough for the good guys of the team to finish them off.

    • Kutweer -

      He CommanderG!

      Welcome! As of a DPS/Tanky build I had one super unique build that I also used in all my video's. This is a build that is really good for solo roaming and perfect for dominating chests. This build is the 'Hellknight':

      - Cleric Cowl (Ice Block): I don't know if the Cleric Cowl still has the Ice Block. But take the Cowl with the Ice Block;
      - Soldier body (Berserk): This is a self heal spell when you get attacked;
      - Scholar Sandals (Run): With this ability you can chase people for a long time!

      For the combo's you can use your 'E'-spell on the opponent en use Ice Block! Tada free damage for him and you got no scratch.
      Learn to play this build and you will be fantastic!

      Cheers bro! If you want some more information send me a private message.

    • CommanderG -

      Thank you very much, will try the build asap.

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