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    hey you ^^

  • Pagodin -

    You want a healer to be able to heal 20 people but you dont want it to be easy for zergs, you have to pick one not go back and forth

    • EmoSmily -

      Removing the counter play for aoes makes it just as easy for zergs limiting how many people can be healed by a heal and lowering how much it can heal or it's size instead of who you can heal would be more effective than making it so you just can't counter a group running nothing but aoe.

    • Pagodin -

      the game has no aoe's atm and no counter play.

    • Pagodin -

      BTW the counter to zergs is aoe damage/cc, the counter to zergs is not heals being ground target affect anyone in that area. You do not want your team to be clustered into a small circle to get a heal/buff.. You just gunna get aoe'd to death

    • EmoSmily -

      That's why why I said making aoe heals smaller would be more effective than what you propose because it would make it riskier to do it but you would still be able to counter a barage of aoe or people simply focusng multiple targets making healers unable to do much of anything because they would be forced to resort to solely use single heals while other countinue to be destoryed by the other group. In the end it would be better to just run 10 players with a bunch of aoes than 8 players with 2 healers because the healers maybe heals would be a lot less useful than the surefire damage. Currently I'm trying to find a post the devs made specifically how the new damage aoes they are putting in will work.

    • EmoSmily -

      forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/8402-Zerging-in-PvP/ I found it. =D I feel like if they did everything they plan on alongside limiting who a healer can heal with an aoe it could cause a lot of problems for pvp any bigger than 5v5

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    Welcome to Albion Online!

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