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  • Guild31 -

    А когда будет раздача ключей?

  • Mama -

    Куда куда Вы удалились?


    Да тоже делал посты ! Жду наград !

  • lancina -

    ok, here is a screenshot, not deleted, already checked everything, including restored all emails with a ticket on yahoo mansager.…Cabral/w1_zpsbe3d55a2.png

  • lancina -

    hi need help, I received an email on the 24th saying that I got a key and would be able to play on the 25th however the email does not have any serial number, what do I do?

  • Guild31 -

    Здравствуй, я об форуме и игре написал, ссылка в конце страницы.