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  • ZeusTalos -

    Hey hit me up with updated info if you still wanting a spot in retribution we are now at selective recruiting but i see you heal so thats a huge plus...

  • Artaniss -

    Hiya bud,and thank your for the reply. May I ask you what is so finicky about daggers and if my goal is small group - solo pvp are daggers good or are claws better? And if I decide claws what is best way to level them? Last but not least what makes claws better then daggers?

    • Artaniss -

      Oh and how do I level daggers?

    • Moonsalt -

      You level daggers as you level journyman's spear until you can use the adept's dagger. Claws have a better kit for group play. Cc, dps, and mobility.