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  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord!

    • Grimfest -

      I felt special for a moment, then i found out it was spam :D oh well, send Sharka my regards :)

  • Neflak -

    Hey Grimfest!

    Hardcore min/maxer PvP focused guy here just looking for a solid guild to join for the rest of beta up until launch of AO. I just started a few days ago, but I am soaking up knowledge like a sponge and need some competent people to play with. More than happy to fill out an application or whatever you need from me. Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you!

    • Grimfest -

      friend me ingame and we'll get you in tomorrow, i'll jump in real quick now and see if i can find you real fast.

  • Grimfest -

    You can't creep on me, <3

  • yogafire -

    I'm creeping on you. <3

  • arenaling -

    you still playing now grim? I hadn't install line messenger, so i can't catch up with you guys

  • WinterSkY -

    hey Grimfest Its winter from Rgahegars old guild in CLosed beta the beggining of it i was his war master used to roll with you guys alot can you hit me up with your TS info man ill hop on and talk to you guys if you need a solid pvper if you remeber me

  • blackbisket -

    Hey there, I am new around here and I sent some personal info to you in a "conversation", which i'm guessing is a PM.

  • Firecore -

    Hey brother hope your doing well! i was playing with you guys for a few months at beginning of last beta and would like to join again. I stopped playing last beta as to not burn myself out. Not sure if you remember me but willing to do another trial run again :D

    • Grimfest -

      yep, get awhole of; Sno,QvQ,Gintoki,Saraph,Blackboa ingame, should beable to catch one of them online at any given time. glad to see you back. solid player you are :)

    • Firecore -

      Sweet see ya ingame

  • Stormlord -

    DUDE - spelled jackal right !!! :D

  • AG_Reaper -


  • BowAndArrow -

    Hey Grimfest. Looking to join for the new beta. I played in the last beta but I ambling for a new guild now. I mainly did crafting and gathering. I had maxed gathering for fiber and ore and almost maxed refining for cloth and bars. I would like to get into some more pvp. Was not sure how to pm on the forum so i posted here.

  • Unspankable -

    Was planning on just going alone this beta but I have a feeling they just might extend it. Crafting is my main gig but Ive played a Frost Mage since summer Alpha. If you're taking in crafters still that is.

    • Grimfest -

      We are.. big move day for me. I'll see if I can getting someone to get you some info

  • Soa -

    you can recrute em for jacackals in beta 2?

  • Scotland -

    Hey Grimfest- interested in joining up- have not played Albion- however- played Lineage 2, wow, Everquest, FF11- enjoy League of Legends & Halo 2- all competitive ranked- I'm a 33 year old dude working on a masters, loving my wife and 3 kids and gaming 3-4 hours nightly after everyone is asleep!! In my opinion, I'm a great guy, 5 years of psychology has helped me be an amazingly altruistic and sympathetic team player- looking for a group of people to jump into this game with- I love every bit of what I've seen and will be playing from day 1 on- if there is still room in this guild and if you are even mildly interested- plz email me @


    • Grimfest -

      Very cool, thanks you for the story. Sending you a pm with more details

  • Osseo -


    I'm Osseo. I'm new to Albion, but I've been watching it for a while now. I'm a long time gamer, all the way back through UO, and I've served in every role from grunt to guild leader.

    I generally gravitate towards the PvP side of things, but I never let that ruin the fun of the game. I'm a big fan of the fantasy genre, so I'm excited to see what all Albion has to offer.

    I'm looking for a group of people to run with. I like I give my gaming my best effort, as I relish the challenge, and I'd like to be around people who feel the same.

    I'm impressed with the level of dedication you've shown, and I've decided to see if I could join you guys. Message me and let me know.


  • Rhadamanthyz -

    Hi Grimfest. I'm new to Albion and looking to join primarily a pvp guild. Imo, I have yet to find the perfect sandbox game that meets my needs and keeps my attention. I jumped in my friends Albion beta, played for day, purchased legendary pack. Last 2 games I played that hyped me for pvp small scale , guild-guild sandbox was Shadowbane and Eve. Played both for years. I know a wipe is imminent by 17th, but I would like to join prior, if some of you are still in out, to build relations and get a better understanding of what to do and not to do from experience like minded players.


  • Killphobia -

    Hey Grim, looking to join the ranks for this next beta phase to catch up on changes for release!!! Jackal at heart!!! BTW logo looks awesssomme! Let some bodies hit the floor.

  • Cruzify -

    Hey Grimfest, just searched through the forums, heavy pvp focus sounds like my kinda cup. Im lookin for a Guild i can devote to. Im a freshman in Albion and would need a heads up on what to do etc to get prepped for CB2. But in general ive been competitively online gaming for 11 years and counting. So i guess ill be a good addition to your roster if you guys wanna take the time to get me up2date.

    Hit me up ingame. Got time this evening. Cruzify

  • Raithe -

    Hey man! I wanted to note that I have really enjoyed reading your posts about your guild. Were I not SO invested in my current smaller guild I would apply immediately. I personally value both teamwork and self sufficiency in this game. Are you folks in an alliance? Apologies if you already answered this question elsewhere.

    On a side note I myself hail from clear lake area and spent a few amazing years in Santa Rosa so that was cool to find out yer from there. Peace man.

    • Grimfest -

      I've spent my fair share of time up in Clear Lake, CA myself. Regarding Alliances, we have been discussing this internally, Right now @Nighthunter (Forum Name) would be the man to contact regarding more information about our Alliance. Shoot him a PM on the forums. Also, best of luck to your guild this coming test.

  • Strahd -

    Hey Grim. My friend and I are working on finding a good pvp guild on AO. I wouldn't say we are experts at game since we had just started back in March, but we are not new to pvp mmos. We learn quick and get along with most everyone. We tried a few other guilds that claimed Pvp oriented, but almost never pvped. I can hit you up tonight in game to discuss further.

    PS. You should look into Discord as voip server, it is awesome and great for keeping everyone interacting and current.

    • Grimfest -

      Hi my friend. Jackal is inactive for the remainder of this test, Next month is the projected wipe and we are ready to go when it hits. That being said, we would love to have you and your friend join us for the test. Unfortunately you are very limited in regards to who you can join for some good PvP action at this time. I am pretty confident to say that no matter who you join right now wont provide you with the full pvp experience that you'll get when the game wipe and releases. Also, we do have Discord, but don't really use it. We use TS however, most of our members are messing with other games such as, dota2, league, rust, Overwatch and division while we wait for wipe. I'll try and get in contact with you on the forums in the last week or 2 before they wipe to see if you would like me to add you to the roster for CB2. If you want to see what we do, you can Youtube: grimest + Jackal and watch some vids on my channel.

    • Strahd -

      Sounds great. Yeah, I've just been dumping all my skill points into all weapons and armor to see what builds I like before reset. Despite all the changes, will give me a feel of what role I enjoy in the game. I'll look into your videos. Thanks for quick response

  • Ragnarr -

    Hey man, I'd like to talk to you about your guild. Hit me up! Your inbox is full O.O

  • Bloodling -

    Interested in joining. IGN: Dieron

  • be4 -

    Interested in joining please reply if I am eligible

  • Ultimaniac -

    Looking for exactly this kind of guild. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible.

  • HaH Reported -

    Please pm me you're inbox is full

  • ButterOnMyBagel -

    Hey, I talked to you yesterday in game thought I'd message you. IGN was Peter if your remember. Very interested in joining the guild when release comes around, message me when you can got a few questions. Thanks.

  • Zatara -

    Hi Grimfest ... I am interested in learning more and maybe teaming up with the Jackals. I'll be playing a lot during the stress test this week and would like to group up for a dungeon delve or something similar. Thanks!

  • Dubble -

    Hello I am looking for a serious guild to join for when this game comes out.

  • adfasdfasdasdf -

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL how du u get the JediSkunk canned for 7 days? LMAO he must have said something about the dyslexia post I made incase anyone is watching. I do have dyslexia?

    • Grimfest -

      I just woke up, drinking my coffee now. i have no idea whats going on :/

    • adfasdfasdasdf -

      I just resigned from trolling part time on as the influx of bans is troublesome

    • adfasdfasdasdf -

      SpaceSkunkUpdate - (letter after A) _ansystem was broken he posted and got Lol'ed on

    • Grimfest -

      crazy, I went to bed that night after changing my pic and tell'n him to throw me some nice words. I guess they weren't very nice, in addition to him talking about mentally challenged people and my pencil wife. He was probably so stoned he couldnt control himself.

  • HaH Reported -

    LOL i saw your hat and was like wtf until i realized t said dopey on it. :P

    • Grimfest -

      ya lol, my wife and I took my daughter to a princess party and well, I didnt have a costume on so the mom that through the party had made these hats of the 7 dwarfs, well i had to wear one :/