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  • LordIsi -


    • Red Brick -

      Someone posted that thread yesterday then this morning Bercilak made me change it. What you called it was pretty good so.. ya.. Thanks.

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    • ███ -


    • chille -

      He hath graced thy presence!

  • NigelFlamingo -

    hey bro hows things

  • Jesse -

    I see you've got a pic of the old RSC hiscores as your avatar. What's up with that?

    • ███ -

      Best game I ever played. The players on that list were my childhood idols.

    • Jesse -

      I also used to respect them quite a bit.

    • LordZ -

      I once messaged Zezima and challenged him to battle. Needless to say he didn't respond. I was destroyed. lol

    • elshobokshy -

      What's that? RSC? xD

  • Wirindi -

    Welcome Mr(s) Big Block

  • LordIsi -

    ima call you Blank. Welcome to the forums, Blank!

    • Ahosus -

      Yep he is a "Kuhakuu" indeed.

    • ███ -