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  • Servantes -

    Hey there saw your post in GUILD recruiting for launch, sounds like a guild I/d be interested in joining.. I love albion so far.... I played in the months before the Galahad update and figured I'll wait til after beta is done to return at launch day...since I didn't want to waste my time with building up stuff again is they're just gonna wipe it. Anyway, I not truly a hardcore gamer but when I do play I would def like to play in group of good people having fun and laughs. I to believe it would be nice to rise in ranks and become a top guild but if that doesn't happen that's fine with me because its not what Im' looking for. I've seen what those guilds are like and frankly they are HARDCORE serious and do spreadsheets and number crunching out the wazooo....ah thats not my cup of tea. Warden descriptions sounds more like up my if you recruiting

    Hit me up in game or here. I have a discord too.

    ign: Servantis
    discord: Dannymans