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  • attila -

    What's up Kuu.. I see you are still playing this game. Launches soon I see! Hope you are having fun with the game! I am getting back in to this game with a few friends.

  • Havo -

    yooo kuu its havo txt me or something tell me the info to ts please im looking for u guys!!! my computer crashed had to redue everything and my phone was stolen so got a new phone and everything just waiting for you please find me!

    • Kuu -

      I have changed guilds to KDS. Dunno if you want to come or not. They are playing like the game is live though and have a lot more structure than Immortals ever thought of having. TS is with a password of Spanky. you'll need to fill out an application at kdsguild.org/appao

    • Kuu -

      make sure you mention on the application that you are with Kuu. When you get in TS, I can tell you what went down with Immortals

  • Spartan -

    I like the UO PIC! missed those days! :D

  • GuyonTehBronze -

    Kuu could i ask you something sir?

  • Immortal -

    If you're interested in joining a guild, check out forum.albiononline.com/index.p…rmoil-starting-AO-Branch/