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  • Metaroh -

    Josh. Come back to me bb.

  • Kuu -

    Still missing you wherever you got to

  • Metaroh -

    Joshhhyyyy D:

  • Fenrir -

    Dude, what happened to you? haven t saw you in the last time. Are you ok?

    • KeyXMakerX -

      No one has seen him. I've cancelled his ts server contract and his website is gone, guild motion seems to be no more.. :(

    • Fenrir -

      Sad sh*t :(

    • KeyXMakerX -

      Indeed, I've actually joined up with Immortals now.

  • Fenrir -

    Josh, the guild website is still up?

    • Josh - - Should work, it's up for me :)

    • Fenrir -

      Yea, it worked fnally. Thanks! :*

  • Stylian -

    Hey Boss, having a hard time logging into the website. Yesterday+Today. It signs me on, but I have no access to any forums

  • AbunA -

    can u please tell me the size of your signature?

    • Josh -

      1610x300 :)

  • Looney -

    Your signature is amazing. Who made it for you/did you make it yourself?

    • Josh -

      Thanks! I made it. :)

    • Looney -

      Can you make me one for Facepunch?

    • Josh -

      I get a lot of requests, and sometimes I do them. I'd love to do it, but unfortunately, at the moment, i'm just too busy to accept your request. Sorry!

    • Looney -

      Its okay. Thanks anyway!

  • Dainank -

    Hey Josh, how did you make that banner, on your signature? Thank You!

  • Limelight -

    Possibly interested in talking about an alliance? Let me know.

  • Zicorth -

    Hey Josh! Thanks for the reply. =) Also, I would be interested in joining your Guild, if that's ok. And lastly: which Founder Pack did you buy?

    • Josh -

      I see you applied, welcome to the guild! I have a Legendary pack. :)

  • Timmy -

    Hey man, just wanted to say that on behalf of GenE, we think that you've done a really nice thing by doing your competition. WRT

    • Josh -

      Cheers mate!

  • Winter -

    Hello I am a simple guy from otličaûšijsâ not all there to learn about this game really wanted to play but buy nemagu key no money can't help you are my last hope thanks :|

  • Daas -

    Josh, Remove me from your drawing please, I picked up an epic FP over the weekend.

    • Josh -

      Ok man, thanks for letting me know. :)

  • Marlin -


    • Josh -


  • AbunA -

    really i never thought there would be such a kind person like u in this community!!

  • UnbatedToaster -

    Ahhh, thought so thanks Josh.....have a good one!

    • Josh -

      No problem. :)

  • Immortal -

    Hey! Welcome to AO :) If you're interested in joining a guild, check out…rmoil-starting-AO-Branch/