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  • VOC -

    Will be on in a couple hours at launch, you still leading a guild for us all?

  • EricWer -

    I miss your beta 1 streams

  • Klien -

    Yo Fus are you and the boys playing this Beta or do you plan to play in the future?

    • FuS -

      We stopped playing quite awhile ago, we might start up again if the patches get good but probably just gonna wait till launch at this point.

  • Arowak -

    Hey FuS,

    Its me, Arowak

    Do you still have the TS info ?
    Plus did say i was coming back after the wipe.

  • WarriorOfVirtue -

    this is tranquilityinluv btw

  • WarriorOfVirtue -

    do you even still play ?

    • FuS -

      Nah stopped playing till wipe.