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  • Coffe3in1 -

    Sir bersilak, I agree with you a lot. about giving a 1 huge for everyone. In other mmo the reason why they quit is because they make lots of server and when its empty they go merging. People felt empty. Small time mmo closes because of it. because of having so many server and lesser player. for example some mmo have 5servers they got 1k player. 200 in each. and a huge huge map. lol You walk around the town whole day without seeing anybody and log off without seeing any player in it. Thats not mmo. thats RPG lol. So good thing for you sir Bercilak keep it up ill support this game. and invite more people!

  • Godwack -

    Love the game so far. Please, don't ruin it. That's all I ask. Kill the bots, kill 3rd party gold sellers/buyers.

  • Coffe3in1 -

    Sir basilak thank you for this game I love it. despite those people hates this game. still 99% of us loves it. thank you. keep up the good work.

  • vape -

    Fix your fucking game. It's an embarrassment. Sink money into fixing it, lower the fees, learn to implement instancing, stop focusing on multi-platforming for the big $$$ apple store bucks and give the people who paid for this shit an actually playable game. ONE BIG SERVER is a dumb as shit idea.

  • Everaes -

    Tell the people why you can register download make a character and it looks like rs but then your forced to pay 30 just to start playing shortly after official release. You money whores. I tossed the shortcut in trashbin cause of this stupidity I hope you go bankrupt you and the whole company that made Albion Online. Your game is trash im going back to RuneScape. The only good MMORPG to ever exist. What a waste of a download this was!

    • Coffe3in1 -

      fk you asshole.

  • YouLieLikeObama -

    Your company honestly doesn't listen to the players, or to the community, my friend Lilith had their account banned from this game because they were accused of buying gold by some developer or something.

    They broke the game rules by exchanging currency across two games, I know what they did broke the rules and I talked to them about it, but thing is I do not agree with this company's action of banning a 3 year + backer for making one f***ing mistake during beta and a honest mistake, there are many punishments this company could have handed this person rather than a Lifetime Ban for one mistake...

    IMO your company doesn't listen to its customers because this person sent you all evidence of what they did told you all the truth and your company or rather your staff did not even take the time to review it and consider they maybe telling the truth which I know they are because I played with them on Arche Age. (All we ask is that you give them the benefit of the doubt if you can't prove they did or didn't know.) I can tell you this person would never exchange across games again.

    As their friend, and other friends we are really upset with this game, and this company, we see ,many problems with this game, such as the ability to commit fraud, cheat in many ways including using Team Viewer to share accounts and many other ways of cheating, this being said my friend as well as me are Legitimate players, we never cheated, or did anything wrong intentionally, but personally this company treating its customers like trash I hope it burns, and will do everything in my power to make sure it does until my friends unjust ban is even looked at properly and stop accusing them of purchasing gold...

    Your game is so open to cheating, she could just come back with a new account and do a lot of illegal things in the game, in fact YOUR GAME ALLOWS USERS TO COMMIT FRAUD WITH GAME KEYS INSTEAD OF APPLYING THEM DIRECTLY TO A USERS ACCOUNT.

    So I ask you all please stop treating customers like trash, and take a look at your own flaws.

    • alittleman -

      I'm an user who has recently been banned permanentely from Albion Online. I was going to post a thread in the rant section to respectfully and calmly express how i felt about it, but i decided not to do it since I'm not really into unnecessary polemics. The reason for my ban was well justified and I accept it fully, we had an agreement, and I broke it, and I was aware that I was doing so. Even so, a bit of unpleasentness did appear in my heart for the way I was treated. I believe there are many people who would never play dirty simply because they know they can be cought, and thus know that it is more trouble than it's worth. Isn't it possible that me, or someone else that has been banned now actually belong to that category? This isn't something you can actually verify, you cannot know if we really don't want to cheat anymore, yet, there is the possibility that we have changed our attitude. Still you will give a permanent punishment. Why such severity? Severity must be there, to preserve justice, but why so severe? In a way, a permanent ban is similar to a death penalty, you are saying you don't want to ever see us again, thus, you are depriving us of our humanity. Also, we are not allowed to buy any more keys ever again, because they would get banned again. I'm not sure if anyone will even read this, still,
      I bid you farewell,

    • Coffe3in1 -

      don't cheat. or whatever u just did. goodbye.

    • Coffe3in1 -

      learn ur lesson on here bring it on other games.

  • Legion -

    PS: sry for the typos

  • Legion -

    Bercilak! Its Legion from the late extinct Genesis guild. I ha mt played since the 2nd beta and I just downloaded the AO apk but its asking for confirmation from my gmail account. I changed my gmail pw 6 months ago and have since forgotten it. I can still log in here using the same gmail account I used for my founders package but am unable to access my actual gmail account flr code to enter game. Was hoping I could change the email associated w my account (its only 1 digit differant) so I can get back in the game before launch. I can provide as much evidence as yous like that this is my account. Plz help!!!

  • trifolge -

    I'm looking into making some build/overview guides on my YouTube channel. Is there anyway to get the assets for game images, primarily ability icons? I've been able to find some through google search but most I can not. It would make it a lot easier for me, and probably better quality, if there was any chance I got them directly from your team.

  • ArcaneBego -


    We are from Arcane Indonesian(Game Village/Guild)
    Currently we have some beta tester account and we found problem simillar with WoW is the limited resource to be mine, cut down, or harvest
    We hope player able make quest for gathering raw material since not all of us able to spend thosand of hour into the game

    2nd the free PVP area actually limited PVP area with approvement
    and the siege just like raiding orther castle/keep the number of played for siege is limited to 5 to 5 we hove like open retriction war allice with orther clan for war some thing like that
    coz when come to siege defence is on big adventage if the number is fair and they got castle/.keep near them(wall/extra protection)

    for now is the biggest problem that we face thank for reading i hope we have simmilar understanding

  • Luxardo -

    Dear Bercilak

    In September 1997 (nearly 20 years ago) I logged onto Ultima Online for its server birth. It was in 1997 a unique experience and one that only improved over the years that followed.

    Those that never played it will never understand the wonder and majesty that Garriott brought to so many people from so many parts of our world. It has always occupied that part of my heart that other games have never been able to reach.

    I never thought I would ever find in my lifetime a game that came close to matching its true magic and legend.

    Albion Online is that game.

    Having seen the effort, creativity and love that has gone into improving our game from early beta to this - well words can not really describe just how 'free' and 'complete' this game allows you to feel. The whole thing is a work of art literally and dynamically.

    Thank you for delivering on the dream and congratulations to the entire team for creating the MMO of choice for the next generation.

    Regards and best wishes for launch on 17th (I can't wait)



  • wawba -

    is there a way i can test and play the game in beta without paying? i want to try a bit at least if my notebook i53317u 6gb ram and intel hd 4000 work well and not wasting money like i did in the past with counter strike go and grm dawn :/

  • IGotBanned8912 -

    Hi I don't know you other than being the Founder of this game, but I contacted Albion Support, but Could I respectfully ask you all a Huge Favor that would be great...

    Could you all please go look at Section 10.2 of your Terms OF Service, and make it a bit easier to understand, or a Forum post or something sticky it...

    I understand "RMT" is illegal, and I honestly did something very fucking stupid, I quit playing a game Called Arche Age, and I traded my Items and properties / Land on that game for Gold on this game, I didn't know what I did was illegal and it was some of my old Guild Members who gave me the Idea that I could do this to help me out on Albion since I wasn't enjoying the game anymore, we were on Curse Voice when the trades and stuff were being made, when I gave them the last stuff I owned.

    Could I please ask you, or someone take a look at Ticket#33079 who could respectfully give me a chance to prove that I did not knowingly violate section 10.2 by doing this, and the only Real Money I spent, was buying my Founders pack over a year ago, and Three Transactions a total of like $75 to this company, Sandbox Interactive in Albion, (Not to third parties.)

    Honestly with all respect this trade was not worth having my Original Founders account banned forever, and I wouldn't have done this if I knew it was illegal, as the Terms OF Service Changed and I completely missed it...

    Also as far as proof I have Snapshots which is of the stuff I traded which you can see right here I owned all this property on this game, and some top end armor sets I gave away since I was no longer playing it in exchange for the little (10 Million in silver I got over here on this game.) But it wasn't worth my account...

    Thank You a lot, and please consider again making this easier for people to understand its a bit confusing for me, and I promise you, and the other Albion Online staff, that if given a chance, even if my Account was Reset to the day I purchased my account as a Punishment for doing something this stupid, but given the chance to play again (This will never happen again.) Its not like i knowingly violated your policy intentionally...

    **** Even if because of this you have to delete my characters and all the stuff I have farmed up, or can make my character Negative Balance until I repay the silver which I would do, this would be highly appreciated and go a long way, I just want to play this game again, I want to do it right and legally, and I will never make a trade like this again, thanks to the kind staff and people who showed me what I did was wrong with the cross game trade, and your staff, and respectful moderators of these boards...****

    Thank You a hell of a lot, I also understand its likely this account will get banned and this just ignored but meh worth the try.

    I won't be logging in on this throw-away account again, Thank you very much again, Take Care.

  • TooSlowYouAre -

    Hej Bercilak, Ihr sucht seit längerem einen Game Economist oder einen Senior Game Designer? Würde gerne mit dir darüber sprechen, unter welcher Telefonnr. kann ich dich erreichen?

  • Gwandir -

    He has been spending the majority of his time to cover up the "Henkey - Tobey Maguire" leak. It would take its toll on any man.…ch-Robin-Henkys-s-fringe/

  • Mohamad -

    hey berc... are u on a vacation or something? .. ur recent activity is 1 month old =/

  • Grayson -

    Bercilak, i want to thank you about all the hard work that you guys are doing ! Keep it up always, this game is and will be awesome !

  • Shroude -


    Thank you for always keeping your players informed. Keep the ship sailing and don't let the downers take you down. There are many of us with you till the end (or beginning depending on how you look at it :) ).

    This game is different from the rest of them and you and your team are not like other games, always there for the players, replying and listening. It is what puts you head and shoulders above the rest.

    Thank you again.

  • Eron -

    Good leaders make hard decisions. Even unpopular decisions, for the overall better of the community and game. Thanks, and keep it up.

  • Myri -

    About Camera I have talked to SVPs, Founders, CEOs etc of different AAA mmorpgs, made some changes happened in 2 or 3 games for the best in this case dont you see it better having an alternate option on settings for players that dont like the default position of camera position and the disadvantages it creates.

    To have a position similar to 2Moons or Lost Ark which has the camera behind the character, also a Zoom in Zoom Out option would be a great addition as well to be able to move UI elements like HP or Inventory and Character Panel.

  • SevenLights -

    Hi, I would appreciate some feedback to this post please:…bion-My-Feedback-from-FB/?
    Looking forward to see the game improving... Thanks in advance!

  • joaopl -

    HI, I am very disappointed with the development of the game. I have been suffering the lack of optimization of the game. On the Mac (OSX) the graphics distorted and items disappear. In windows frames fall, any magic in pve or pvp is why pro fps drop dramatically. I know that the game is in beta, but for those who have more than 50 thousand paid accounts, it was not for that to occur across platforms. My Desktop and Notebook performs other much heavier than the Albion and without these scrotums and coarse bugs games.

    • Rhasq -

      a solution would be to get up, buy a pc, ???, profit.

    • JagarSantovenia -

      Just out of curiosity what exactly are you running? I have a 2012 Macbook Pro running El Capitan with 8GB of ram and an Nvidia 650m and have not seen a single issue. The game runs buttery smooth at max settings.

  • Greenback -

    Is this how you guys run your business?…?postID=392641#post392641

  • QII -

    hi, any idea how to contact customer service? Was playing with Character creation and now my char dont have premium status. Any way to resolve it or i just have to deal with it till official launch? Thanks

  • krakenSVK -

    the game write me i have old game client but how can i update aleone the game client

  • krakenSVK -

    hi ,.. can you help me with my problem with game clienr Update ?

  • sfagsafgsfh -

    Hello there! I was wondering if the game will be free to play (F2P) on launch? If not, how much would it cost? (1 time payment or continuous payments?)

    • KeRin -

      B2P. Buy it once and you are good to go (for ever). If you are a founder you will not have to purchase it again after release. There is no price set yet.

    • sfagsafgsfh -

      Many thanks to you. I find B2P (Buy it once, of course) much better than F2P or monthly payments.

      1> F2P would introduce lots of bots.
      2> Monthly payments is, well, a lot of money.

      Happy to hear that.

  • Jameshelper -

    Was i miss lead when Albion said that they were going to add fishing into this game. I have not seen any testing or seen anything at all confirming that they actually were doing what they said they were doing. I just would like to know whether to expect them to stick with their word or not about the updates.


    We are from belgium and netherlands, and we are a dutch guild, we need new members to be able to find us in search button, only 8 languages to choose now, that doesn't mean the game must be in that language but at least they should know we are a dutch speaking guild, thx