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    Please use this section of the forum exclusively for bug reports, the design teams are happy to read your feedback about spell balance and other topics in:…d/5-Feedback-Suggestions/

    Please create new threads for your individual issue and do not take over the threads of others for the sake of overview and order.
    For example user A reports an issue with a quest and user B uses this thread to post that he has login issues.

    We reserve the right to ignore bugreports that do not reach a certain level of "quality" and especially communication hygiene:
    A good bug report should be brief but specific with as many details as possible.
    You may use the following template for your bugreports:

    - [Description of the issue] (including i.e. Questtitles, Mobs, NPC's, Location, Items, etc. preferably in english!!)
    - [Exact and detailed steps to reproduce] (whithout an exact reproduction, confirming and fixing a bug will take much longer or might not be possible at all)
    - [Validations] Screenshots (Of the WHOLE screen) and videoclips (in GOOD quality) are more than welcome and timestamps for longer videos help too
    - [Result] (i.e. what does happen)
    - [Expected result] (what should happen)