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    A good bug report should be brief but specific with as many details as possible.

    Please use this section of the forum exclusively for bug reports, we're happy to read your feedback about spell balance and other topics in:…d/5-Feedback-Suggestions/

    You may use the following template:

    - [Description of the issue] (including i.e. Questtitles, Mobs, NPC's, Location, Items, etc. preferably in english!)
    - [Exact and detailed steps to reproduce] (whithout an exact reproduction, confirming and fixing a bug will take much longer or might not be possible at all)
    - [Validations] Screenshots (Of the WHOLE screen) and videoclips (in GOOD quality) are more than welcome and timestamps for longer videos help too
    - [Result] (i.e. what does happen)
    - [Expected result] (what should happen)