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  • AnAFKNoob -

    hey man we played together heaps, will you be playing at launch?

  • Sones -

    I'm 26 and I can Skype. I'm from Mississippi and I speak English and French. I'd like to be the guild healer but am open to anything. I can fill any crafting/gathering positions. I'm looking to be in medium armor and keep everyone alive. I'm not only friendly but unselfish and believe that the best way to have the most fun in a game like Albion is to be a team player and put the group's needs ahead of my own.

  • Sones -

    I'm new and looking for a good small guild where I'm not just another number. Willing to fill all roles, probably role a healer. Have multiple mmo experience.

    • Craesi -

      Sounds good Sones, what's your ign ? I will get someone to you