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  • Aksharon -

    i вам також шановний :)

  • FxRAZER -

    Does it cost to play the game

    • mvlabat -

      Yes, but on its release it will it be free.

  • FxRAZER -

    How do you install the game on widows 7

    • mvlabat -

      You can go to and download the game from the links below. Actually I have windows 8 and gentoo linux. )

  • Immortal -

    Wait, you're from Ukraine? What is it like in Ukraine right now with the conflict in Crimea?

    • mvlabat -

      Yes, I am. ) Furthermore I live in Donbass. The Crimea is still controlled by Russia. Our live in Donbass is very bad.( Fortunately, I live in the city that was freed from separatists. But now my studying in the university is not possible, because I study in Donetsk which is too dangerous to remain in right now.

  • Zetecua -

    Welcome to Albion Online!

    • mvlabat -

      Thank you! ) I'm glad to be met once I have joined this forum. Great game, by the way! )