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    Sup bronzie

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      im fukuin diamonmd

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      The lies are real

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    Fresh af

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    Did you remember to do your science project that's due today? The one that counts for 50% of your grade?

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      o fk

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      <3 <3

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      U fucking nugget

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    I've read that you're offering Mercenary services for the right price!
    Is that still valid? If so, when are you usually available and what is your role (dps/healer)


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      Yeah pm me

    • Mirari -

      Cool, I'll make a note of your nick and will message you in game when I have something.

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      Sure thing, I am online right now if you want to talk. IGN is Shub.

      Edit: Nvm servers are offline for a bit rippppp

    • Mirari -

      I'll be mostly looking for company to venture into red/black zones during off peak times to farm fame.
      What times are you usually online and how much silver per hour would you need to go into a red zone and help me farm t5 mobs?
      I'm in 4.2 and 5.1 myself

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      Yo, sent you a PM