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    Howdi Taters, me and a couple buddies are looking for a guild in our area. saw you all setup in swamp town and wanted to check in and see what you all are about. feel free to drop me a discord and i can come say hi.

  • Facade -

    Hey Taters, briefly met u ingame. My brother and I are looking for a friendly oceanic bunch to play with. Can i get discord details to come check you'll out? cheers.

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  • Mightvara -

    yo, huntsmen Australian?

    • Taters -

      sure are pm sent

  • Ana -


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  • WarriorOfVirtue -

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    • Taters -

      Why u no holy crusade the Kebab lords? Why me

    • WarriorOfVirtue -

      I dont think you are funny either Does the Lord jesus you thoughtless mindless murdering mad man and you will see this when you are Spit out of the lord and crushed by him wicked one

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