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    Stop editing my posts
    Fook isn't even a word

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  • GRRRR -

    Where Do I find Albion's font? (new one)

    • Elsa -

      The font is not publicly available as far as I know.

    • Sellian -

      The Albion font can be googled and downloaded as ttf from the dafont webconnection.

  • Legion -

    Help! I posted in Korn and Bercilaks wall as 2 my dilemma. Any help is appreciated :)

  • Bulbasaur -

    Hello. I hope I am not a bother! I have a question that I cannot find an answer to... I know that for I'm names are reserved in game, however, if an account to was never used in the past 2 years, do they FOREVER own that name? Or is there a waiting time to be able to claim the name in game?

    • Elsa -

      Nothing official has been said yet whether the old forum names or names with no Founder Pack attached to their account will be freed up. So I don't have an answer, I'm afraid. But currently there is no system in place that would allow you to claim a name after a certain period of time.

  • Lensar -

    Hello stranger. Still around? :)

  • Tyronne -

    What are we gonna do?
    Do you wanna build a snowman?

  • Boohica -

    Elsa please help, I upgraded to legendary pack. I entered in the code and on the login at the homepage it shows that. After the wipe and downloading the update it allowed me to create a character and it says I can join the game after 0400 PST. It is after 0400 pst but I can not join the game. Additionally it says account "INACTIVE" why is that. Please help

    • Elsa -

      The time wasn't taking into account daylight savings, so the PST time was wrong. The server goes up in 45 minutes from now.

    • Boohica -

      so does that mean the inactive will disappear
      right now if I hit enter world the pop appears that says redeem code, purchase code, or cancel and above all that it says account inactive also on a side note I'm assuming that if we have a computer at work and home it doesn't matter for logging in after release
      sorry I have been away for almost 1 year from the game

    • Boohica -

      I have to say as a gatherer I'm glad to see they fixed the limited space for storage in our boxes. Only concern is that if I remember correctly you had storage space through an alliance but if that ended you were screwed. Given the amount of supplies needed to craft the storage capacity and weight really needs to be doubled again for both the town and islands just a thought otherwise gathers really run out of space quickly and have no where to store supplies beyond tier 6

  • Phocein -

    Hi Elsa, thank you for your Armor & Weapon Skills Spreadsheet this is very well done and very usefull. I'm belonging to a french guild (since I'm french) and I was wondering if I could re-use and translate this doc since the members of my guild are not really comfortable with english. This would only be for my guild. Thanks a lot!

  • Inso -

    Hi elsa i still wanto change my forum name for release can we make this happen please?

  • Siege -

    Hello, Elsa, I just had to ask... You wouldn't happen to use frost staffs ingame, would you?

  • Rhune_Steihl -

    Heya, Elsa. Thinking I might wanna try this, but is it worthit? It's either this or Crowfall.

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    Hi there

  • Jameshelper -

    Thanks elsa for all you do to improve this community and bring new ideas and creativity to this game I hope you have a very merry Christmas!!:)

  • Stemax -

    Would you know how long to drop the access key? I did it by bank transfer

    • Elsa -

      Hello. If the purchase was successful and the transaction went through, you should receive your key immediately. If not, please check with your bank or credit card company to inquire about why the transaction didn't go through - and if it did and you still didn't receive a key, please contact support@albiononline.com

    • Stemax -

      ty Bye.

  • Qolkkalom -

    I felt a cold breeze when You visit me, how You doing?

  • Rathbone -

    Why you visiting my profile?

  • Velloso -

    else when beta ends?

    • Elsa -

      No exact date as of yet. It's planned to end late this year or in Q1 2017 - the upcoming roadmap posted by the developers will reveal more information on that, so hang tight.

  • Fraccaro -

    Hey there, i was wondering if you could help me out with something, i purchased the legendary founder pack and i have not yet received it, the purchase was trough a transfer wire, already credit from my account.

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  • Klien -

    Hey Elsa :)

  • Lensar -

    Happy to see that you're still around. :)

  • Percyvelle -

    Do moderators or developers ever enter the game itself and play along with their community?

    • Elsa -

      For the majority, I know they play. The rest probably use incognito accounts ;)

    • Percyvelle -

      Very sneaky I must say.... I might be playing with one of the mods as we speak! Haha, thanks for the input.

  • Diversespider -

    Will the game ever be F2P or will I always have to buy it?

  • DefiDegue -

    Salut !

  • Therese -

    Thank you so much :) I know this might be a stupid ? but my guild tab fot chat isn't showing - how do I activate it?

    • Elsa -

      There is no tab for guild chat by default. You can, however, make one yourself:
      1. Click on the cog wheel icon in the top left corner of the chat window
      2. Click on the 'Edit tabs' button
      3. 'New tab'
      4. Insert name 'Guild' (or whatever you want the tab to be called) and click OK
      5. In the column on the right, leave everything unchecked except for 'Guild'

      And you're done :)

    • Therese -

      Thank you :)

  • Therese -

    Elsa, I know it might be a stupid ?? but does it matter where i Build my island.. should it be close to guild island? or can it be anywhere? Will I still be able to travel between myself and guild island with my gear?

    • Elsa -

      Your island will be located in the city you buy it in. So you will only be able to fast travel between the guild island to personal island if you can also fast travel between the two cities where the islands are located.

  • QII -

    hi, any idea how to contact customer service? Was playing with Character creation and now my char dont have premium status. Any way to resolve it or i just have to deal with it till official launch? Thanks

  • elcarrasco -

    Buenas perdonar por Preguntar this to qui hay Siendo El Lugar Pero soy nuevo. e estado Mirando el juego y un gustado muchisimo Pero tengo dudas Referente al tema de la beta si el dia 1 de agosto va a salir gratis o ES El Comienzo de Otra beta La última ?? se podria activo probar o Ahí Que comprarlo. Y Si lo compro Ahora Que pasaria. espero respuestas gracias

  • Klien -

    Hey Elsa :)