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  • LordIsi -

    Help, i've fallen, and cant get get back into AO

  • Thorgal -

    okay, seems like i should realy have checked myself and not just take it for granted.

    • Thorgal -

      i was told we hold the exact same philosofie as Genesis, this seems incorrect. My appologie's.

    • Timmy -

      We are similar. Most of us are just casual gamers but will take it hardcore when needed

  • Rook -


    • Timmy -


  • FlufferPope -

    I know the flower was a bit off. :( I tried though! I tried to make mine a bit nice. Im posting here cause we arent supposed to post in the submission thread about the creativity competition.

    • Timmy -

      It's all good. I'm a terrible drawer as well so that why I just tried to be funny. At least you actually tried :)

    • FlufferPope -

      I moreso did it to make ladyokamia smile. she's so nice to everyone else, thought I'd be nice to her. Don't expect in a million years to win.

    • Timmy -

      she is a lovely person

    • FlufferPope -

      It's not meant as a "hitting on" or "interested in" her kinda thing. just a nice "people like you" post. :P

    • Timmy -

      that's what they all say ;)

  • Metaroh -

    Pm me as soon as possibru timmeh. Thanks for the epic opportunity. :D

  • Tumult -

    Timmy...I lost your PM when the site was changed for some reason. Email me at terranceglass@aol.com

  • Zetecua -

    Welcome to Albion Online!

    • Timmy_ -

      Thanks :)