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  • WinterSkY -

    My Name is Chris ^^

    IGN: WinterSkY

    Gaming Roll Tank/DPS

    Never played AO before

    Purchased Legendary Founder Pack

    Looking to get very serious and play cmpetetive in this new game during the Closed Beta and what ever happens after with this Company xD

    ​Im a challanger player leauge of legends rofl so very competetive and very strategic when it comes to RTS or MMORP i own Eclipse Gaming its 500+ multi gaming community
    ive led over 10 diffrent clans/guilds in MMORPG's and have a very high love for PVP combat and leading small groups

    Ive played ESO/GW2/GW1/WOW/RuneScape/Diablo3/StarCraft/CSGO/ARK/RUST/

    But Semi Pro leauge of legends atm in NA

    Challanger series

    im 23 years old and im a vet of the US army == Infantry

    I own a TS Server 200+ pop

    my free time to play is very often i have no other hobbies really

    I love to grind and i can do it for hours mindlessly lol xD

  • WinterSkY -

    I need a Guild lol Just throw me TS info though that will be fine X( all the forum stuff is boring me xD