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  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord!

  • Soa -

    you can recrute me for vendetta?

  • Jameshelper -

    hey if your guild ever needs some help i can come and give you guys a hand(tonx) pm if you need some help man have fun playing Albion

  • Laxist -

    Hey you're kinda cute

  • Ghosty -


    i applied on your site and on the recruitment site template.
    Sadly i did not receive any answer yet.
    Is there a chance to still join Vendetta or are the spots in the guild completely closed ?

    Thanks for your answer.

  • Oxylus2 -


  • Lifeas -

    My nickname is Lifeas. I'm looking for PvP guild to start CB. Due to my work i can only play 7am to 1pm Tuesday to Sunday and i got monday whole day free :D. I can provide about 40+ hours a week. Im reliable person and i know what is dedication to guild or to goal. I used to be Hardcore WoW and LoL player. In WoW i run RBG teams to 2.6k+ season after season. I know how to be captain of squad. Im looking to be Healer/CC in Albion. And i hoping to find people to play at time i can play together as 5 man squad to farm in red zones. I'm relly riable person i hope you answer me.

    Thank you for your attention, pease bro

  • Xlusive -

    What T6 bow is that? Any good?

    • Kip -

      It is the tier 6 Longbow, it was decent, maybe not worth the amount of resources and expense to make but like in every alpha all the abilities and mechanics will change so cant judge weapons from last alpha, they are likely to change quite a bit.

  • Necro -

    Kip you were from CC on Atlantic? I was with FEAR and Crazy Scotsmen

    • Necro -

      Drock still around?

    • Kip -

      Haven't seen D-Rock and T-Mack in years. I played with CC in several MMOS after UO. Still talk to alot of them on Steam.

    • Kip -

      But yea I was in CC for a long time and good buddies with D-Rock and T-Mack long after UO.

    • Necro -

      Ya I joined Drock and SSJ for DaOC/SB but never really was that dedicated to it...Lost touch with him years ago unfort

    • Kip -

      Saw T-Mack in WoW a few years back.

  • Imprex -

    What's up

    • Kip -

      What's up man, you playing this upcoming Alpha at the end of January?

    • Imprex -

      Yup. Getting a computer set up just in time. Last couple of weeks has been crazy on my end.

  • snuffo -

    "The Welcome Spammer 2014" your name should be : D

  • Maniac -

    You guys still playing in UO Forever? I heard like that :)

  • Nadia -

    Hey handsome :)

  • Stylian -

    Hey Kip thanks for the welcome. Small world I am from Tampa Bay Area too.

  • Fenrir -

    Good day , mother of dragons.

  • UnbatedToaster -

    Thanks Kip! I am looking forward to playing...looks fun!

  • darceydad -

    you realise kip is the dutch word for chicken don't you?

  • Immortal -

    Not sure if you've joined a guild yet but If you're interested check out…rmoil-starting-AO-Branch/

  • Kip -

    Thanks Avanah, better late than never :)

  • Avanah -

    Welcome. :)

  • Kip -


  • Zetecua -

    Nice Avatar pic! Recent?

  • Kip -

    Thank you :)

  • Zetecua -

    Welcome to Albion Online!