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  • MisterGarBear -


    • Dobby -

      Bear holy cow where you been? Do you have discord?

    • MisterGarBear -

      Yup. Was waiting for Albion to go to release. You doing alright?

    • MisterGarBear -

      23 hours left, woot woot. can't wait to get back in

  • QueenVirgo -

    The family misses you, especially me.

    • Errant -

      It's a trap!

    • Scythian -

      He will never get clothes from us!!!

  • Jahias -

    Ayy lmao

  • Zigoto -

    Hi, i buy legendary-founder but when i go redeen my key a error ocurred! i need help

  • piggy -

    Atleast he still looks like dobby irl, OH burn, arch nemesis incoming?????

  • Koarine -

    Dobby morphed into two humans! *tear drop* they grow up so fast.

    • Dobby -

      "evolution" :)

    • yogafire -

      Dobby gotta kiss himself, he's so pretty. ;)

  • EMP -

    Dobby broke character..... *sigh*

    • Dobby -

      Betas starting, so it's time to get serious. I'll be back in the role once betas over. Don't give up hope on me EMP!

  • Dobby -

    On this day, the 25th day in the 10th month of 2015 in the year of our lord, Dobby has chosen Orbis as his guild.

    • Errant -

      Did you ask Storm if there were any socks that are banned by guild?

  • Errant -

    Dobby. I need to buy some new socks. Which are the best from your experience?

  • Dobby -

    Dobbys spending today on finding his guild.

    Update: Has applied for Orbis and Titans

  • Ravenar -

    Hah, you made me smile, multiple times. Best of luck in the game and see you around. I will buy few pairs of socks!

  • Mass -

    Welcome Dobby to Albion! :)