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  • Frammshamm -

    shit man whats up! Drendal and I were just talking about you the other day. Its still in fucking beta and its getting wiped again.. so i wouldn't be in a rush. It has shaped up to be quite a fun game so once it releases I think were gonna hit it hardcore if timing with work/school permits. If you are looking to try it out.. dont buy anything more than the lowest pack for now. I can hook you up with most anything you need to get rolling and the beta is already like 9 days in.

    • RoloJT -

      word...i'll give it a shot. you frammshamm in game?

    • Frammshamm -

      My main is Khalia and drendal is Complicit. Sorry, I just got back from vacation in Cali for 2 weeks.

    • Frammshamm -

      Were both on Curse Drendal/ andreibaru

  • Zetecua -

    Welcome to Albion Online!