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    Do you think that this could be a great implementation ?

  • IRQuinn -

    Could you or one of your team check my thread, bought the game but not been able to play due to screen freezing every 15 seconds. Other people have this problem too and so far i haven't seen any Dev replies on this matter.

  • EdenG -

    Hello, I have a problem, 30 m I bought the founder package to play with a friend, and when I try to open the game does not open the launcher

  • PHOKIN -

    hey Korn haha almost sounds like acorn..i like to build buildings in game but realized we dont get t5.x stone, so i was wondering if in the future its possible for us to craft tX.x buildings where they may give some extra bonus like faster craft time and such while of course adding a cool visual change to the building like a glow or maybe different looking worker.

  • Shmough -

    Just a suggestion for your player crafted mob drop system, instead of the loot table being dependant on only black market sales (from player to npc) perhaps use the items that crafters have used to STUDY. This way there wont be a low supply for the loot table & black market sales wont damage the city market prices. Also restrict the loot to that of only 1 tier higher than the mob. (Example: a T4 mob can only drop T5 and lower.) This way players cannot get a T8 artifact piece from simpily killing a T4 mob- which would be very undeserving. I apologize if any of this has been covered, i didnt have the time to read through the 9 page forum post about this.

  • Shmough -

    I will message this matter instead.

  • Knefi -

    hi Korn. I bought this game yesterday but i delete my first character so i lost all my founders extras... can you help me or should i wait until restart???

  • Trade_Master -

    Hi Korn! Has the team considered setting the default setting for farm plots on private islands to private versus guild? In large guilds it's hard to convey the urgency to set plots to private because of the default settings until damage is done. If you would, please let me know.

  • Endymion -

    Hi, @Korn. This thread forum.albiononline.com/index.p…ture-Roadmap-for-Release/ is pretty outdated. Any chance we will be getting a new roadmap with Galahad update (or a little after)? In the release date anouncement video Henkys said that Hector would comprise the following: "Finishing the UI rework, enhancing the starting experience, and QoL improvements for guilds" Is there any chance will have any other major features added to the game before release or is Galahad the final "Feature" update?

  • darkdijango -

    Hey sorry dont know where or who to post this too but the game updated the terrain around me making it impossible for me to move... is there a warp to town thing i can do?

  • Stormlord -

    On top so don't stop bruv o/

  • Wadefu -

    With all these suggestions/criticism flying around I just wanted to let you know that you guys are doing a great job. It's when the community stops giving suggestions and are complacent is when you know they stopped caring. Keep strong.

    • TheEnchanter -

      Wow bravo well said my man. Time to come up with some random as ideas

    • Trade_Master -

      I third this

  • Dragnark -

    Hey Korn, can you throw us a bone about next patch? What you guys are currently working at??

  • Phifas -

    Hey Korn, since none of you have bothered to take any action or even just reply to the most recent Albion Legends post (forum.albiononline.com/index.p…-The-Legends-of-Albion-7/) can you confirm that you do indeed endorse this type of trashtalking and that any player who makes the same effort will have a chance at becoming an Albion Legend?

    • Phifas -


  • RoyalCat -

    I think the solution about Lp system is rather easy to deal with. Most people want to remove LP because you can use an alt then use that char to lvl gatherer,crafter, make the price of items in the market go down. Gatherring, crafting really need time and effort so people don't want some body just afk a few months then go back and just click one button then the alt character can just from tier 3~tier 7 crafter.
    So the solution is this, you can use LP to lvl fighting branch, but you can't use it for the rest of the destiny board fair enough?
    If you new player to this game you can easy close the gap with other user by using the higher tier weapon armor, but you can't never catch up with them when it come to gathering and crafting.
    Why people by alt in the first place? so they can lvl gatherer and crafter, it is the whole purpose of making another alt thank to abusing LP system. The LP system was created so new players can catch up with veteran players through fighting by giving them a chance to use higher tier. If that so then the LP should only be use for fighting branch on the destiny board and can't use it for the rest.
    By blocking the LP using on the rest of the destiny board beside the fighting branch, no one will bother making alt.

  • Russ -

    An alliance member was just ban while doing a dungeon, he got disconnected and found out he was ban hes completely confused on why he was ban as he has never bought gold, hacked, or done anything to his knowing that broke terms of service if you could get back to me with why he was permaban and with proof that would be great seeing as he is a good person and absolutely hates hackers and botters. i find it strange that you guys would be so afraid of botters that ur banning good players now... i dont even want to go do a solo dungeon anymore since i might get ban for soloing a dungeon like thats rediculous.

  • VOC -

    As of this post maintenance is 20 mins over scheduled conclusion.

    As of this post NON-OWNERS theoretically have 40 mins left to bid in Plot auctions.

    I have been saving, waiting, and working for a MONTH solid waiting for this 40 Minute window of prime bidding opportunity.

    I really hope this window doesn't disappear to an extension in maintenance.

    Any update on when the servers will be up? Hopefully there will still be time to bid on plots ...

  • FrostSpirit -


    Check and reply on this post if possible please !

  • Rook -

    Korn = Khorne ??

  • Raithe -

    Hey Korn! Just wanted to say thank for putting up with our ranting and raving! I p³%s and moan a bit myself but only cause y'all have made my favorite game since Tetris and I want it to be even more epic than it already is......and I been hooked on video crack since the Atari 2600. Keep it up you folks rock!

  • PremordialGod -

    Hey i have an emergency can you help me

  • TheLordTyrellz -


  • Percyvelle -

    Great jobs so far devs! keep it up

  • c3kkos -

    black screen for me, main char "Leecha"..... still waitin...

  • Bearhardt -

    I know you're busy, but I sent you a PM. I could really use some assistance.

  • Greenback -

    Is this how you guys run your business? forum.albiononline.com/index.p…?postID=392641#post392641

  • JokerFTW -

    i cant log in and im a damn legendary founder plz check the list

  • RobinTheHood -

    Please note the thread "Account not active" a bunch of us can't get in, I've had leg for over 10 months, please help.


    We are from belgium and netherlands, and we are a dutch guild, we need new members to be able to find us in search button, only 8 languages to choose now, that doesn't mean the game must be in that language but at least they should know we are a dutch speaking guild, thx