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  • Vagabond -

    hi Bercilak father

  • GentleMoth -

    10/10 why is everyone following @rosalia's alt account?

    • Lugzi -

      Oh, it's your.. aah, I mean his account?
      You must be a really wise person knowing that!

    • GentleMoth -

      Everyone knows who i am, and i am legal :D
      ##something only acc getting followed, i achieved something...
      and getting mentioned in the dev video for gettin a santa hat

  • Delfer8 -

    Who are you oh glorious anonimous, you who are followed by the founder Lord Bercilak???

  • xReaperx -

    Lol lugzi ikr every1 shuld follow him

  • Kirby_123125 -

    What happened to this guy? xD

    • SirHattric -

      and why @bercilak follow him

  • FlufferPope -

    Hi there, Welcome to Albion Online! If you’re looking for a guild, check out The Corporation. It’s a guild who accepts all kinds of players. We also love to accept new players and will help teach them the ropes. forum.albiononline.com/index.p…roducing-The-Corporation/

  • Lugzi -

    The one and only, getting followed by Bercilak!