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  • Chief_Killerkat -

    If you are looking for a guild, let me know. We are looking for active players. Check us out. infernalgamers.com You can message me there, Killerkat, we have TS and a large player base. A multi-game community. Good luck.

  • Sabukuia -

    I noticed that you said you have tried the last 3 tests. Can I maybe ask you to message me back or reply to this in a way of somewhere you could educate me on some things?

  • LadyViviane -

    Hello Avee

  • Silver -

    Nice picture :)

  • Skrup -

    I'm really glad to see familiar people from pl here. Can't wait to get started =)

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  • Zarf -

    Welcome back AVEEA, hopefully you can get the game to run this test.

  • Tut -

    o.o hi