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  • Stormlord -

    Hey man - the picture you have in your sig is a broken link :)

    • W3B5T3R -

      Thanks, I'll remove it next time I'm on the forums using a computer I'll delete it.

  • W3B5T3R -

    Thanks for the friendliness. I have applied by messaging FlufferPope but said Ihave to reapply after beta finishes. The reason I could not join was because I cannot play beta. You are definitely the guild I want to join. I will be sending an application once beta is finished

    • Theodorus -

      sure thing dude :D

  • Theodorus -

    Hi there, Welcome to Albion Online! If you’re looking for a guild, check out The Corporation. It’s a guild who accepts all kinds of players. We also love to accept new players and will help teach them the ropes. forum.albiononline.com/index.p…roducing-The-Corporation/