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  • Plark -

    Is there anyway someone can contact me regarding an issue? You specifically.

  • Archaegeo -

    Nice change to the Update #7 time, much better

  • Skarnik -

    @talion hay man I just got the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro today, im very keen to test this out! I have a question will there be a button on screen for space bar so users can mover and press for auto attacks for example?

  • Smusher -

    Talion, could you please let me know if there is data out there regarding resources required to produce island specific buildings, upgrades, island tier levels, etc. I am interesting in building a planning tool and hope to find this dataset publically available and not have to generate this on my own.

  • IRQuinn -

    Could you or one of your team check my thread, bought the game but not been able to play due to screen freezing every 15 seconds. Other people have this problem too and so far i haven't seen any Dev replies on this matter.

  • Hotbox -

    I have ipad pro 12.9 inch and legendary founder. I would like to participate in testing it on iOS.

  • kersplat -

    Hey, Talion, I am new to forums and do not know how to send pm to you. Could you contact me back please. Thanks.

  • Siege -

    Hey, Talion, I stumbled upon the KDS Logo thread and it gave me a thought. Will there be an opportunity in the future for Guilds to upload their own Guild logo without having to win particular events? It seems like it would be a fun and useful function. I understand there would need to be regulation in regards to profanity and the like, but I think that would be easily managed. I even volunteer to be a Logo Censor. Thanks in advance for your time. :)

  • Servantes -

    Hi TALION, =D. I know your wall get's swamp but I'll ask my one curious question in hopes that maybe you can get a reply back to me? I know it's probably not a department you have relation to, but would you happen to know What software the game artist use to create the game sprite and characters. I want to post some suggestions in the SUGGESTIONS thread and add visuals along with my suggestions, I'd figure if new which software they use maybe I have something similar and can use it to emulate.

    Thanks in advance have a great day

  • Phifas -

    Hey, Talion. If I may ask, what exactly do you do for SI? You don't seem to be active on the forums that much so I was wondering what being a community manager entails. Thanks!

  • Mastrade -

    Check PM is important pls

  • Staniaml -

    G'day Talion, when creating my username I made a boo boo! It's supposed to read as Stanimal. I was curious if there's a way to edit this and/or scrap this forum name to fix it. Thanks.

  • darceydad -


    July 1/2nd 2015
    Incorrect version
    Error: could not verify identity of the update site.
    August 18th 2015
    Incorrect client version
    August 28th 2015
    Not Updating on Mac
    November 25th 2015
    Reinstall After Every Update
    Mac OS X user update problem

  • Rook -


  • Cryon -

    Talion there is major healing issues with both nature and devine staff AOE heals. I posted on the test bug report forum. I'm not seeing any GM feedback or seeing these bugs captured in known issue threads. Thanks

    • Cryon -

      Update: Retroman confirmed they are aware and fix is inbound for holy staff tree.
      Thank you

  • Angelhearth -

    Can you have a look at this. Think it's important, especially for the release.


  • Omnio -

    You should finish what you want to say. Sto-vo-kor is what you meant, right? :D Loving the morgana quarterstaff. Is it applicable on other weapons in that tree too, or just .1?

    • Talion -

      Sto'vo'kor. But: I used the ... - and I checked. If you start googling for Sto'vo you will immediately get a suggestion ;)
      It's a dedicated artifact weapon. Moar on that in an upcoming video.

  • Rosalia -

    missed chance for forced meme...
    One day you will get on @axolotl level...

  • VOXMAN -

    racismnoway.com.au/about-racism/cyber-racism/index.html . You will need it.

  • Rosalia -

    Discord doesn't need you anymore, Enya > you all day everyday! :D

  • Suits -

    Why did you ban me from writting in guild and alliance chat?

  • Cesar31 -

    Hi, I represent a channel on YouTube and really want postrimit your game do not help with the key, if so contact me at this mail

  • Yonezawa -

    Hi Talion, two questions.
    At the end of beta after the wipe, have to pay a monthly fee to play and more premmium?
    And the other question is that if the person buys the most expensive founder pack, will have to pay monthly fee or premmium?

    • Talion -

      Nobody will be obligated to pay a monthly fee. You can still acquire (the optional) Premium Status for your characters. The Founder's Packs come with 30, 60 or 90 days of Premium Status for one of your characters, depending on the tier. Afterwards it's up to you to decide whether you want to continue that by either purchasing Gold, or by farming enough Silver ingame to convert into Premium Status.

  • Ana -

    hey Talion, ur puppy avatar is silly! where can i find one like that

  • Dragnark -

    Hi Talion, any news about Spanish forum? I'am reallying looking into post some guides and others stuff in Spanish.

  • Ask -

    Can you look into the problems with "kiting" and 1 on 1 situations with bowmen abilities vs warriors tree users abilities?

    • Ask -

      Thank you so much for adding the new spells to the claymore. This put a big smile on my face :D

  • Jameshelper -

    Thanks for making this game so great and fun.

  • Newb -

    7.4 one handed axe, 7.4 shield (15% more heal), Heavy Cloth helm (heal skill), Light Plate chest (blink), Light plate boots (lower cd sprint) - best build in game by far.

    • Talion -

      You may want to contact Luci about that. That's the author of all the spotlight articles. :)

  • Newb -

    Talio, its Kingsmarket ingame. I want to use my build One Handed Axe + Shield in build spotlight. Let me know if you are interested. I win 99% of my fights even vs 1-2 tiers above me.