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  • Raczer -

    I'll check it out for sure! But i have plans about starting a guild with some friend. But im not entierly sure yet. Thanks for the invitation! :)

  • uma -

    Have not heard about my app to your guild..

  • Gannicus -

    Still waitting for invitation to slack groupand :)

  • FlufferPope -

    Hi there! If you’re looking for a guild, check out The Corporation. It’s a guild that has a place for players of all types.…roducing-The-Corporation/

    • RodricOrtega -

      Will do, thanks for the info!

    • FlufferPope -

      We could use some "Quality forum personalities" in the guild, if ya know what I mean. ;)

    • RodricOrtega -

      PM me... if this forum has that functionality, I can't figure it out (I am such fail).