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  • Skarnik -

    Prom my old friend! Hope your all good and well! When will you be on discord for a chat? I need an update for launch to what's happening and where we moving to start up =)

  • icarusFM -

    i'd like to talk to you about your plans on release Building the best guild in albion! Join us in discord!

  • InHuman -

    Skype : edymic:edymik caut jucatori din romania

  • Motorhead -

    Hi i was wondering if you could read my post and answer my question please?

  • SlayPK -

    heey i am interested in joining your guild also

    • Prom -

      please drop an application at or PM me if you have questions I may answer!

  • AzazelSlayer -

    Hey I am interested in your guild :). I sent you a Pm with a few questions :)

    • Prom -

      Thank you for your interest in KDS sir.

  • JoshW -

    hello i am interested in your guild i have a couple questions

    • Prom -

      Please PM and I will gladly answer.

    • JoshW -

      i have the legendary pack and i have not played this game. i am interested in PVP and farming and having guild access. I dont mind giving to the guild and would like to join a guild that has a group of people rdy to donate right on the first day. I dont want to be in a leader roll i just want to group PVP and PVE and offer a skill the guild needs but also be rewarded with the help with others skills. I know its tuff giving access to people you dont know but i would be willing to give if u guys have a direction and not just take everyones silver then just start doing whatever with no purpose.

    • Prom -

      I have answered in your PM sir.

  • LadyLuck77e -

    <3 glad to be a part of the guild!

    • Prom -

      Glad to have you on board milady!